Wednesday, July 19, 2017

CFLRS Notes (31): Dress Code

Every environment has its dress code, either official or unofficial. Work-place, mechanic shop, retail store, pharmacy, you name it. They all have their own uniforms or dress codes. Schools, mostly have their uniforms. I remember when I was a kid most of the school, until junior high required students or pupils to wear a uniform. It changed a little bit after the so-called Islamic Revolution. The uniforms kind of disappeared because they didn't want to create extra cost to families. 
CFLRS has its dress code. Being a military school, recruits must have their Combats on all the time during the training. After hours, and if its after induct and if their performance has been good(!) during the week, they can be in civilian cloths.
The problem is as people have lived in such open and relaxed society such as Canada's, they forget where they are when they get to CFLRS! Low cut shirts, mini skirts, mini shirts, straight jeans, all sorts of cloths which shows all their curves. 
Staff, most of the times, approach them and warn them. This usually does not lead to a Note to File₁ or something harder than that because the girls normally follow after they are warned. 
One day I was having lunch in the mass hall and two girls, who I knew, came walking while they had their trays in their hands. They both had mini-shorts on and they both had beautiful legs! Really beautiful! I admire a girl who works on her legs! I had seen one of them in the gymnasium earlier and had a little talk with her. She, though, was not the one with the more beautiful legs! One of the staff approached them and although I could not hear what they were saying, I know they were asked to go and put something on! They both put their trays down and went to their quarters to get dressed! Although it deprived me, and possibly others, from looking at beautiful legs of them (I'm obsessed with them!), I liked what the staff did! They came back after 10 minutes! They didn't look happy. The food is usually disgusting and I remember on that day it truly was awful and bland and they had to eat the cold version of it.
1) A Note to File is an indication of an undesirable action to a recruit's file. It remains with him or her as long as the file is active and is referred to. It does not have direct impact though)
(Photo: Possibly a volleyball player. The girls shorts was as short as this one and they were both kicked out of mess hall! People need to understand what to wear and where to wear it)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

In Enemy Hands

One of the good things in TRP (Training Reintegration Platoon) is the library they have. They have both in English and French. I found a number of good books in English section, of course. I know there are good ones in other section but I know no French. In Enemy Hands is one of them.
The book is about the Canadian servicemen during the WWII who were captured as POW by the enemy forces. As sad as it could be, the stories are interesting at the same time. It shows what those poor guys went through. Hunger, cold, discomfort, stress, injury, sickness, you name it. 
Of course everyone knows what the feelings of a POW might be but reading what they have narrated gives you a better understanding of that. 
The worst of them would be the invasion of Dieppe where Canadians were slaughtered. A large number of them were captured by Germans. The thing about Westerners is if they are defeated they admit that and document it. In East something like this never happens. Iran had a number of disastrous operations during the 8-year Iran-Iraq War which led to losing thousands of troops, mainly volunteers called Basiji but they never admitted the loss and to this day they have never been a true number of casualties of the devastating war. 
This post is not about Iran-Iraq War but I would like to bring an example where Iranians were defeated, unfortunately, due to lack of good leadership, most likely and possibly lack of support as well. Operation Dawn 1 took place in 1983 in eastern Al-Amarah and the human waves of Revolutionary Guards were massacred by Iraqi forces. 
Going back to In Enemy Hands here are two short storied told by Canadians about what happened to them: 

Major Allen Glenn, Calgary Tank Regiment:

This is one of the comments I do remember one of the Germans made: If we knew there were so many of you coming, we would be prepared!
The French nurses at the hospital at Dieppe told us that had been getting up at 4 AM for the last four or five days. They were expecting us.

This, above, shows how unprepared and disorganized Canadians were. Their plan was know days, maybe weeks before it was put in to practice.  I leave it to you to read the rest of the book and decide for yourself whether book is good or not by I recommend that.
(Photo: This map shows the location of town of Dieppe in France. Whether it had any strategic importance or not, I don't know but seems it might have. Otherwise why they would sent troops to there. Just to be humiliated, killed and captured?! I don't think so. I guess one reason was that the Canadians were looking for some action in the war to prove themselves and this opportunity were given to them but as it was under other's command and they lacked air and naval support, they destroyed themselves)

Monday, July 17, 2017

CFLRS Notes (30): Disgusting Fucking Lair(!)

There was this girl that once we had a short conversation with and then we kept that a few more times when we were in the same platoon. She was not so good looking but we have a proverb which goes: Even an old shoe is a property when you find it in desert! So I decided to go with it and even invited her to a coffee outside. I didn't happened but because of her strange accent (she was not Caucasian) I asked her once if she spoke any other language. She replied by saying that she did not. I grew up in Canada, she added. Although it was a bullshit answer, I let it go because you could grew up in Canada and speak any other language rather than English
A few days later I saw her with a bag with Hebrew writing on it! Of course it meant she was Jewish and then it was then I realized that she was a stinking piece of shit, disgusting lair! I asked her if she speaks Hebrew and she admitted that. We exchanged a few e-mails mostly in regard to material she wanted and never received(!) because I had no intention to have the smallest relationship with such a freaking, disgusting lair! I even called her once and left her a message as she didn't pick up and stated that she was busy. She also indicated a few times that a friend had come and picked her up and they went for a weekend time-spending. I assume that was her service provider(!) and she was looking for a better option at the time specially when I told her that I would be going to Halifax because she said that she would be going there too and that was when she gave me her e-mail address and telephone number because she said she wanted to have the same discussions with me (We had short political discussions a few times).
Time passed and I didn't see her until one day I was having supper with a few and she came and sat at the table on the only empty seat, next to me. I paid no attention and then I realized that she was talking to someone in French! This was another proof that she was a nasty lair but I didn't say a word. Then after a few minutes she turned to me and said something about going to platoon or similar which was totally untrue (and is unrelated here) and I response said: No! You're delusional. It was not that! She shut the fucked up and said nothing! Perhaps didn't even hear me! 
Then the next morning she was sitting by herself, as she did mostly and I guess that is because almost everyone knew how disgusting she was(!), I saw her and passed by and sat at another table in a way that that she saw me. I even deleted her e-mail address and telephone number from my telephone address book. Simply disgusting!
(Photo: Hillary Clinton, wife of the former president, Bill Clinton, who also was a disgusting and awful lair, was accused of lying during the last presidential campaign against, mainly Trump, here is shown in a funny picture being fed a medicine of truth! Something which probably should be done to that ugly awful girl, although I doubt it works on her!)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

CFLRS Notes (29): Playing Chess

You got plenty of free time while on training in CFLRS at times because the training method here is Run ... Run ... Run ... and then Wait ... Wait ... Wait! Unfortunately you cannot use the time you have the way you want and most of it wasted. In TRP (Training Reintegration Platoon) though, at times, you can use this time the way you want. In fact many use it for different thing including volunteering, OJT (On-job Training), etc. Some play cards, read books or simply hang out and talk. I mostly played chess when I had time. At first there was a set which one of the guys had purchased from a local Wal-Mart. Then another fella bought a nice set from a store in town for some $100. And then there was one in the office that guys used. So there were 3 or even 4 sets on the tables and people were playing! It was amazing! Even one of the staff came a few times and he was interested. One of our Sergeants!
I enjoyed that a lot and slaughtered everyone who played against me! In fact there were only two or three that I had to put extra effort. The rest vaporized after a few minutes. The Sergeant then suggested me to start a tournament(!) and it was shortly after I was sent back to regular training.
I continued playing in the platoon although we didn't have same amount of time. I played against a few and beat them of course and then when we came out of our induct, I continued playing through internet sites, mainly Lichess as no one was interested! Normally everyone goes out during the weekend. They go to bars, strip clubs, restaurants, hotels (to have sex with their new partners), etc.
When I sent back to TRP again, as a result of being re-coursed, it was not that much action but I gave it a little push and beat everyone again except for this Oriental girl whom I played against two times. The first time I resigned because I knew I didn't have any chance and I decided to quit honorably(!) instead of being defeated and shamed! The second time our game was interrupted and we abandoned it. She was good.
Chess is a very good game but similar to anything else that could become addiction, this could be an addiction as well. This concept is very well explained in movie The Chess Players by Satyajit Ray. I still think it's better than playing cards or hanging out and bull-shiting each other!
(Photo: An interesting chess set! It looks like a skiff but it's longer. It certainly is not a ship but it's just for fun! The four cannons at the corners look excessive though!)

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Tunnels of Cu Chi

I have watched a number of war movies about Vietnam, the ones that everyone has watched, mostly. To name:
1- Full Metal Jacket.
2- Platoon
3- The Deer Hunter.
4- Apocalypse Now.
In none of them the Vietcong tunnels have been mentioned to the extent they actually existed during the war. There's a short scene in Platoon that one of the guys goes into a tunnel and comes out of another entrance and two other soldiers get caught in a booby trap. That's all. When I found The Tunnels of Cu Chi and went through it, I was quite stunned by the way Vietcong treated Americans. I then found another movie in the Internet called Tunnel Rats which the name suggests it could be about underground fighting. I have to watch it first although it's mentioned that it has been a failure but the book is just amazing. It shows how brutal Vietcong guerrillas were towards Americans, not that Americans didn't do anything as bad. Then I realized that the said tunnels now is a tourist attraction in the country! 
Here's some of the interesting parts of the book:

Vietcong soldiers (if the term soldiers could be used for them and I will have a separate post in that regard based on what we were taught in CFLRS) in used tropical animals in the tunnels against Americans. Snakes, Spiders, you name it and there're horrible and scary stories about them in the book. In addition to that the animals themselves were a threat to American soldier because they didn't know what to do with them or what to expect from them. To name Rats were available to a large extent in tunnels and we all know how scary they could be at times. In one instance, and this is what an American serviceman indicates in the book, he turns his flashlight on in the darker-than-night cave-like tunnel and sees a big Rat standing on his back feet (in the book another term is used for back feet which I can't recall) and showing its teeth! He flips out and crawls up the tunnel while firing his rifle. He gets out with all the difficulty he has. The tunnels are all made for the slim body of Vietnamese and of course its difficult for Americans to go up and down easily although at times they intentionally widen parts of the tunnel to lure the Americans in. He gets out, all frightened and starts throwing all sorts of explosives in!
It appears during the book that the tunnels are very well structured and almost immune to all different types of explosives. It's because of the type of soil that Vietnam, generally, has and that is Clay. It's indicated that Vietnam is generally a peasant land and at the time, at least, the majority of population lived in small villages and hamlets and they soil gave them everything they needed. Perhaps not now that every country seems to be industrialized because of the cheap labour they have to make the goods Western countries encourage their citizens or habitats to buy on daily basis even if they don't need them!
Hundreds of book probably have been written about Vietnam War and the good thing is that at least a number of them, I hope, are neutral and tell the truth of that devastating war. Unfortunately something similar to that, as I've indicated earlier, has never been available during Iran-Iraq War, the useless war which destroyed two countries and threw them back years. It is mainly because in Iran, and I'm sure about Iraq but probably the same, all the media is under the government's control. So only the news which had advantage for the warlord government get permission to be broadcasted. 
(Photo: This a scanned copy of the first two pages of the book shows a typical structure of a Vietcong tunnel system. Some people spent as long as 5 years in this rat hole!)

Friday, July 14, 2017

CLFRS Notes (28): Bolt(s)

Bolt is a critical part of rifle that without it shooting does not occur. Bolt is assembled in to another part called Bolt Carrier and is put in the rifle in the back, just ahead of Cocking Handle. Bolt practically moves a round to the Chamber when it comes up from magazine. During the training in CFLRS, and I hope this is not a secret, when the recruits are assigned a rifle, the bolt is taken out, for safety reasons and is put in only during drill practice (to make it heavier!) and shooting. When the bolts are platoon members are out, they are all put in a box and a recruit is assigned to carry the box everywhere the platoon goes. I was in charge of one of the damn boxes which had more than 33 damn bolts and it was freaking heavy! And when I say heavy, I really mean it. I don't exaggerate. The staff usually would let me go ahead of the platoon because I was way slower than the rest. The other box, in our platoon, which was remarkably smaller than usual at the beginning, had only few bolt. The other guy didn't have much trouble but usually there are two guys who chase the platoon while hauling the damn boxes!
I wondered how heavy the damn box was and I was going to measure a bolt, consider the hallow parts of it's cylinder shape, calculate it's volume and using the density formula which is Density = Mass/Volume but I never got the chance! 
The act of putting in or pulling out the Bolt as usual and similar to everything else(!) in CFLRS should take place fast. However there's a time that the Bolt Carrier, which is casually is called Bolt, should be put with much attention and that's when the rifle is stripped (or disassembled) and is now is going to be re-assembled. There're are two tests to be performed before the Bolt can go back in: The first one is hitting the bolt on your palm to make sure that its components are not loose because if they give away when they are in the rifle, there will be a disaster to take them out. The second test which is not actually a test and is an extra step before the Bolt can go in, is to shake it well, downward in a way that rectangle-shape bolt is turned to its proper direction. 
The last thing to mention about this piece is one of the reasons why the Bolts are taken away from recruits which deprives them from a good practice on daily basis when they have the rifle in their possession. Apparently there has been a number of shooting previously in the school or other Canadian bases. A member went bananas and opened fire on people. They intent to prevent that in case someone got live rounds similar to Lowrance (Private Pyle) in Full Metal Jacket and kills someone! 
(Photo: A Bolt Carrier. The bolt is actually the piece at the right side of the assembly with a head similar to cogwheel and that is also one of the parts in the rifle which should be oil-free)

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The (Not!) Stolen Vehicle

I did a stupid mistake when I left home for Quebec and that was leaving the car on the street with the hope that nothing happens to it although the car has been broken into once and scratched several times! One day I received a call from Mom indicating that the the car had been gone! Stolen! I was both mad at me and her. I was mad at me because I should not have left the vehicle on the damn street of disgusting downtown Calgary. I was mad at Mom because what I could do from more than 3600 Km away!
I started thinking. This is not a kind of vehicle that could be stolen easily. The time that it was broken into, one of the back doors had been left unlocked accidentally by a passenger. One thing came to mind was: Damn street cleaning but before that I called the damn Calgary Parking Authority. The thieves of the city who make the easiest money! I asked if they had a record of my car. The lady at the other side of line was actually was very nice and helpful and after several minutes she concluded that the car was not in the city parking lot and must have been left on one of the streets around the neighbourhood. 
I asked Mom to check and it was not found until finally a few days later she said that she had seen it parked on a steer not far from the place. She had seen it on her way to a local supermarket. 
We then decided not to leave it there. I forgot to indicate that I had to call the city police and file a stolen vehicle report which later was removed when it was found! 
I asked a new buddy of mine to go with Mom, grabs the car and park it somewhere safe. After that we decided to park it in the underground parking of the apartment just to be sure although we have to pay those thieves $50 a month! I will take the car out as soon as I can and leave that damn neighbourhood as soon as possible. One thing I was sure about was that the car, which was bought brand new in 2009 could not be stolen that easy. It was proven to me!
(Photo: For this post I use this artist's painting of someone trying to break into a car. Hope she or he doesn't mind it)

Sunday, July 09, 2017

CFLRS Notes (27): MP (Military Police)

Military Police, with all due respect to the members of this fine organization, is probably one of the most boring jobs there is! In CFLRS their jurisdiction, as far as I know and I hope they don't get upset or anything if they read it, is limited to the garrison itself. I don't think they can do much outside the walls or barrier. The recruits though, could be picked up and charged by any police force in the country! So you get my point! There's no doubt that other bases and operation or mission zones have their own MPs but it's like adding one extra organization to the organizations which already are active in an area and separating their area of work, something which is common and routine in Canada
When MPs show up in an area, say kitchen or gymnasium, everyone is alerted and asks one another if the have done something, for example last night! It reminds me of an old Persian proverb which my Dad used to use it and it literally is: When you go for a rock (to pick it up to throw), the thief cat jumps back! It might be hard to understand for the ones who are not familiar with the culture! 
It means the one who has done something bad and expected to be caught sooner or later, jumps up as soon as sees an authority.  
The interesting thing is that even when they go somewhere very calmly just to check on something (or look for someone as we really don't know what they are after, that could be that as well!) they leave their car in the middle of the road with its beacons on! I guess they do that to make it more exciting for themselves and also create fear in the possible criminals and everyone else! 
(Photo: Military Police shoulder patch on a member and of course it's bilingual as it's a Government agency. Another person is seen in distance. I don't know what this photograph is about but I hope neither the owner nor the MP is concerned about it)

Friday, July 07, 2017

Canadian War Museum

We had a trip to Ottawa once as part of CFLRS recruits to visit the Canadian War Museum. It was not such a pleasant trip but it was mandatory. So I tagged along! It was not pleasant because at the end I realized we had to answer a number of stupid questions in a format! Questions such as " How many tanks were available to Canadian Armed Forces at the end of WWII? " (One thousand exclamation marks). How is that going to help me in my military career?! You know what the answer is: This shows whether you were paying attention to detail or not! It means that even in a trip which is planned for relaxation and enjoyment, supposedly, they still want to torture people! Of course I didn't spend even one single minute on the question and got them all from other guys when we returned!
As per the museum I have to say that it was not bad. Quite similar to The Military Museums in Calgary only bigger and newer because it's only a few hundred meters away from Parliament Hill and gets good funds from the Government
I tried to see as many things as possible but it takes more time than it seems specially if you plan to read all of the signs and stories because the museum covers everywhere that Canada has been involved as a military force except for Afghanistan which will be soon added. 
The museum, as usual, has a gift shop and cafe. Gift shop, obviously, has good items but all expensive, which is not a surprise. The cafe has a same story. I guess I paid more than $2 for a cup of coffee which surprisingly was not bad. The other items as expensive as usual, which is made of course for Canadians who mostly, or generally spend $1.6 for every $1 they make! 
Our lunch was the disgusting military lunch box which comprises of a damn sandwich is probably made 2 years and half ago(!), a number of sugary, filled-with-preservatives snacks, disgusting Genetically Modified(!) small carrots and a few more disgusting things that I don't even remember. 
I'm not sure what the admission is but it's free for military persons with a limited number of family members but honestly who wants to see a military museum rather a military person! Most of the visitors at the time we were there looked like they were had something with military. The admission is around $17. You can spend the whole day there if you're interested in Canadian military history. At the end I would like to add this that they have a bookstore too. It is located at the back somewhere and that was a little surprise to me because Canadians are good readers but I guess that wasn't not the case there because they located the bookshop in the back with barely anyone going there while people were all in the cafe stuffing themselves with healthy(!) usual Western style food. Perhaps no one needed to feed his or brain at the time!
(Photo: V1 and V2 missiles had significant destruction to London in the last year of WWII. This one is a preliminary model of V1 which was supposed to be manned. You can see the cockpit at the left side of the picture. The navigator was supposed to jump out shortly before the missile reaches its target, which minimum chance of survival. The Germans later corrected their design and made the unmanned one and targeted London and Antwerp as much as I know. There's a whole history of rocket development in Germany and the US if someone is interested)

Thursday, July 06, 2017

CFLRS Notes (26): The Second FORCE Test

The FORCE Test should be performed by the recruits for the second in week 8 of their training to see if they have improved or not. I have to admit that my improvement was even a surprise to myself. All the PT sessions and hard work paid. 
For those ones who don't know FORCE Test comprises of 4 exercises: 

1- Rushes of 20 m.: In this test the person runs between marked distances of 10 meters and every time he or she has to touches the line with his front foot first and then touches behind the line with both hands. 

2- Sandbag Lift: The person has to lift sandbags of 20 Kg which are put aside in a distance of 1.25 m., to height of 1 m. for 30 times in a specified time.

3- Loaded Shuffles: In this test the person has first take a sandbag of 20 Kg to the other side (I guess 20 m.) and return it, only while walking and then drops it and runs the same distance. This should be repeated twice.

4- Sandbag Drag: This, which feels the hardest one, is dragging a dummy made of four 20 Kg sandbags. The person has to carry one with his or her hand, increasing the weight to 100 Kg.

My time for the first part was 00:33 min. while the fastest person in the group got 00:29. It was possible for me to get closer to that. My time for the second part was 00:57 which was not bad at all. I don't recall the 3rd and 4th times but I was told by the examiners that I declined on the forth test. Overall I fall under Silver section with only 20 points from Gold which is a significant improvement from the first one. 
(Photo: This 4-section picture shows the starting positions of all 4 sections of the test)

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

CFLRS Notes (25): The Optical Sight Story

Recruits normally get to their lockers on the main floor before going back to their section to get their stored stuff. They might do that a few times during the day. Once we all went to the lockers to get our exercise stuff before going back to our rooms. I laid down my rifle close to me and opened my locker while I had an eye on it. Recruits are not supposed to have their rifles more than an arm away from them. I realized someone put her rifle next to mine to open her locker. She showed her displeasure by saying: Whose rifle is this?! I paid no attention and carried on with my own business. I noticed that she finished and left before me but forgot her Optical Sight! I was waiting for her to come back because normally sane people(!) would immediately realize that something is missing on the rifle. She didn't! 
I grabbed it and put it in my pocket. It's unbelievable that someone climbs up 7 floors without looking at her rifle even once or feeling, with any other sense, that it's missing! What a dumb! Is that how you're going to serve the CAF?! You're a disgrace to any armed forces! 
We went back to the rooms and headed down, again, this time for supper. At the table I discussed the situation with a number of guys and they all suggested me to return the item to the gal. I truly didn't want to return that because I believe someone as careless as her should be punished, no matter how big the penalty would be, for her incompetency. 
We went back to get ready for the night and there she was coming to me practically begging to return the Optical Sight to her! She mentioned that she had, quoting, bad people in her previous(!) platoon. I didn't know what she meant by that. I asked her to tell me the item's serial number but she stated that she didn't know that! I then wrote down the serial number in my notebook and attempted to take a photo of the Sight but that didn't mean anything because the serial number cannot be read. It could be my own item! I finally handed it to her and advised her to be more careful. She thanked and left. What an idiot!
(Picture: C79 optical sight mounted on a C7A2 rifle)

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

CFLRS Notes (24): What the Valuable Time was Spent on

Everyone brags about how great their life will be after they join CAF; their benefits, salaries and most importantly, their pension. That's totally understandable. After years of misery, you, as a retired CAF member, would get a reasonable pension that you can manage the rest of life with less worry.
For me this is different. I have this great poem from one of the greatest which goes:

عمر گرانمایه در این صرف شد
تا چه خورم سیف و چه پوشم شتا
ای شکم خیره به نانی بساز
تا نکنی‌ پشت به خدمت دوتا

It means: 
The precious life was spent on what to wear this summer and to eat in winter. Oh the stubborn human being! Just accept whatever is available and you will have an easy life and won't have to bow to everyone. 
I know it's probably not the best interpretation but I hope it transfers the message. This great poem and many others is from the great Persian poet, Saadi Shirazi who was born around 1210 and two of the greatest poem books of the all time, Bustan and Golestan, both mean Garden of Flowers of different kinds and they really are garden of flowers which will never perish.  
I will go back to civilian life and do my best to get a job in my field. If I can't I will try to get a regular job and will live with that. That will not be the end of the world. It will be much better than going the misery of CAF life. Sorry CAF members, it's just not for me. You guys all enjoy your military lives and its benefits. 
(Photo: Tomb of Saadi, the great Persian Poet drawn by French architect Pascal Coste. He traveled to Iran during Qajar dynasty and drew pictures of many ancient places which today have significant value as a number of them do not exist)

Monday, July 03, 2017

CFLRS Notes (23): PRB

PBR, in CFLRS, stands for Performance Review Board and your file is reviewed and evaluated by such board after your performance is considered poor, such as mine. I failed a number of major and minor tests and I had to sit in front of the board comprising four members: The Division Commander, the Platoon Commander, one person from Standards and another person who seemed to be some sort of comforting and aid to the interviewee.
I was nervous and intimidated at the beginning but after entering the room and talking to them I felt much better. The fact is I found that military is not the working environment that I want to be in. The people that I named them above they all were sitting there and gazing at me senseless. No emotion, no reaction, no movement, nothing! I was using my hands and smiling during my conversation because that's how I've talked to people for years but no reaction was seen from them. I don't think someone like me with such a terrible performance would want to give this opportunity another chance. The Captain went through everything and asked me about the slightest flaw that is mentioned in my profile whether it was a legitimate one or not, in my view, of course. In military they never ask for your side of the story. As soon as someone goes and tells them something about you, it is automatically part of your profile.
I told them that I wanted to request Voluntary Release but I was told that it was a separate process and I had to wait for the decision of the board. I was directed outside by the supposedly aid guy and waited there for about 10 min. When I went back in the verdict(!) was delivered as: Re-coursed to week two. I was asked if I had any question. I said no, thanked the Captain and left after I was dismissed. 
I sighed after I came out because I was expecting them to be harsher on me. I'm even denied the chance of going to the NCM and I know I would have the same issues. It was the best. 

Sunday, July 02, 2017

CFLRS Notes (22): The Fork Story

I've already written about the bad food that is served in CFLRS and how I have to avoid eating it. This story is partially related to that:
I got my food and sat at the table with a few platoon buddies. I grabbed my fork to start eating when I realized that the fork was dirty. Food or something was stuck to it! I rose my hand and said something like: That's what I don't like the food and everything else related to that here! And then after a moment of pause I threw the fork at the side! I still don't know why I did that. It was stupid but perhaps because I'm sick of the garbage the fed us there! As soon as I threw the fork and I still was looking right at in front of me, I heard someone went: What the F**k very loudly! I turned that way and realized that was my Sergeant from the previous platoon! I had missed him probably by an inch! If I had been faster in throwing the damn fork, I would not have been here to write this. I might have been charged or something like that! I felt very bad because he was a very nice gentleman, helped me during marching drill and everything. He also accompanied me when I was sent to the hospital (hôpital as the French call it!) in the town. I apologized to him several times and he left after he gave a dirty look which I deserved!
People all around were laughing and were pleased by the scene that I had made, unintentionally, of course! I explained to them that I had buttery fingers when I grabbed that fork and it simply flew off my hand when I rose my hand and my intention was only to show them that the fork was dirty. I guess I sold that very well. I saw later that Sergeant was talking to our staff and I thought I would be in trouble for that. At least I would get a Note to File for my unduly behaviour, I thought. I was ready to narrate the same story for my staff but nothing happened. I escaped a punishment! 
(Photo: For this post I selected an interesting fork design picture)

Saturday, July 01, 2017

CFLRS Notes (21): Gas Chamber

One of the tests/activities during the second Farnham trip is practicing chemical attack protection simulation. This by far the stupidest and most ridiculous of all the subjects of basic training! I've already posted about the concept of CBRN and how it is looked at in CAF. This activity is the testing of that.
This is how it's, partially, performed and I have to stress here that I have no intention to reveal any military secret or similar. So I provide as less detail as possible.
You're waiting to enter a gas chamber. You're in full protective suit and you're mask is attached to you. As soon as the instructor informs you rush in to the room where another staff is awaiting you. You're supposed to take your mask on in a matter of seconds. As I entered I felt burning in my throat and my eyes! That, as I was informed later, was Tear Gas to simulate a situation that someone might have during a CBRN attack. I took my mask immediately and tried to put it on but according to the instructor it was not properly on. So he threw me out and I waited for my second chance! This time I went to another instructor which he seemed more lenient! This time I was able to pass and then I was sent to the next room to do practice some sort of cleaning and then we were sent out!
I forgot to mention that I saw a couple of French girls whom where not able to do the practice correctly the first time and they came out crying and cursing!
(Photo: The US Army has the same practice for their basic training as CAF as it's seen in this picture here. A recruit enters a gas chamber and has to react immediately while the instructors and examiners evaluate his or her performance)

Friday, June 30, 2017

CFRLS Notes (20): 13 Km March

The 13 Km rucksack march is part of the trip to Franham. Some might think it's easy but not after 3 days of patrolling, walking, rappling and other stuff. At the same time it's not as difficult as it may be seen if you're ready for that physically and mentally.
My story is different because I had reached the maximum number of failures before even being allowed to go to Farnham but they took me there anyways! It's a separate story but I have to say it here as it's somehow connected. When the platoon went to the training filed on a Mon. morning I was not part of it because I had already failed enough number of test that I would have to be re-coursed after a formal review of my file. I hung out with bunch of new guys without doing much until one of the staff received a call. He told me that I should get my stuff ready to go to the said training field! I only had 40 min. while the platoon had been given the whole evening! I tried to get everything as fast as I could with the help of one of the staff and hopped in the big truck which had come to the garrison.
We rushed there and I realized the guys were involved in a sort of exercise.
The march actually happened 3 days after that! There were other activities that we did in between which will be posted separately.
We wake up quite late although we could use the low temperature of the early morning and make a good progress. Obviously the recruits should be tortured both mentally and physically for any type of training or it's not worth it! We headed to the kitchen for breakfast and by the time we started the damn march the sun was high in the sky and was burning everything!
The pace was not as fast as 8 Km but still was fast. My rucksack was not weighted by the staff but I weigh it myself just to be sure it is not less than the standard. It was a little more than 38 lbs. which is at least 5 lbs. more than the required weight. The path is marked by milestones for each kilometer. A number of people started having problem just a few minutes after the start. I was trying hard not to fall behind. I believe a number of recruits faked injury or tiredness and discontinued the march. The Cheater was among them. I think more than 7 people didn't finish and that is mainly because it does not affect their final score. I mean if you're not failing and you won't be re-coursed why the hell would you march 13 Km in a hot day?! I did it just because I wanted to prove to them that I'm not weak. I had already been out of the platoon due to the number of failures I had.
A CAF helmet used by recruits and personnel engaged in combat.
No secrets are being revealed here as I found this picture in the
net! The star-shape, brown, plastic protective strap in the center 
is the one which protects the skull from the 1.4 Kg helmet and 
as well is the part which was losing its colour due to excessive 
sweating during the march!

I personally didn't see anyone stopping or fainting. I made sure that I get water from the last station that helped me to do the last 2 or 3 Kilometers better. When we reached there we didn't have much time. We had to perform casualty drag. My team member was heavy but I successfully finished the 25 m. drag. After two boxes of vegged oranges were waiting for us! I grabbed and enjoyed as many as I could. We showered and went for lunch after that. I think the march took more than 2 hours. I kept the time but later made a mistake and reused my timer without recording the desired time. I know the time was between 02:15 and 02:30 hours.
One interesting thing that I forgot to mention is that during the march I realized a colourful liquid is dripping off my helmet! It was kind of red/dark orange! First I thought I was bleeding but then I didn't see any reason for that! I took it off and tried to see what it was while marching! I noticed that sweat was fading the colour of the inner part of the helmet which is a plastic type of strap protecting skull from the heavy metal of helmet! This continued to the last minutes of the march. At the end my combat shit was socked in sweat and of course we were given time to shower and change before we ate. 
(Photo, above: This picture which was found by a random search in Internet shows a group of guys during their rucksack march. From the type of their backpacks and their uniforms I can easily say that they are CAF recruits. The area does not resemble anywhere that we did our march)

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

CFLRS Notes (19): Work-out Challenge

One of the good aspects of CFLRS is its PT or physical training sessions. You may have as many as 3 sessions a week. At time it might be 2 classes in a day. Staff are mostly OK and helpful. There was one guy that I had a very good relationship with because I always was fast, on time and engaging. I can't name him here of course.
One day he invited the entire platoon to a challenge after the work-out was finished. By reading this, he will find out who I am. It's OK. It's no military secret.
The challenge was to hold a Plank position for as long as possible. The winner would chose two songs and the staff would download them and play them in the next PT session.
So here we were all more than 30 people, all younger than me. We adopted the plank position and I waited. People had to give it up one after another. I had no pain or bad feeling. My only problem was sweating! It was streaming down my neck and chest! After almost 7 min. there was only me and a young guy, originally from Poland. A young fella who looked fit. Everyone was cheering and yelling and the staff was surprised that I was able to hold it that long! The other guy eventually gave it up while in pain and I won! I even held it a few seconds after he collapsed on the floor!
I presented my two songs to him the next session: Hell's Bells by AC/DC and one more that I can't recall but I'm sure I like it as much as the other one. It's hard to chose two songs among hundreds that you like from different musicians but that was a very good challenge and I liked it.
(Photo: AC/DC in a live performance playing one of their amazing songs)

Monday, June 26, 2017

CFLRS Notes (18): C7A2 and all the Related

Weapon handling is one of the topics which is taught in CFLRS. It's no secret and that's why I'm writing about it. Everyone could search to see C7A2 is the official rifle of Canadian Armed Forces. So I'm not revealing any secret in this post. The subject starts with a little theory about the rifle and it's components. In order not to reveal no detail, as might be a problem, I'm just going to say that everything that a soldier must to know to be able to use his or rifle safely and efficiently is taught. Anything from cleaning, assembling, disassembling, you name it.
The problem is, similar to other topics in the school, the instructors want to finish everything quickly and make you a sharpshooter! There's a little exaggeration into this but they rush you and that's where my problem starts. There was this pig that did nothing but swearing and yelling! This asshole even crossed the line as much as saying that he hated a specific person in the group! Fortunately we saw that motherfucker psycho never again! That piece of shit deserves to be hit in the chin with the rifle butt but I drop it here!
Anyways the test day reached and my problems emerged! The main one was that I forgot a number or only one step and that made the whole thing messy! I failed the first test when I had a problem with the procedure which fixes a jam in chamber. It's a logical procedure but my mind was just absent at the time. I would forgot things without knowing! I then was given the second chance and that one was messed up two! This one was due to forgetting a safety step which is required to make sure that the rifle is safe and no round is left inside. As CAF wants its recruits succeed, I was given the third chance and this time I did it but was very nerve racking! I was sweating the whole time and I don't think it was because of nervousness only. I had the heavy tactical vest on and had to move continuously. 
We were also given the chance to shot rifles in a simulator. The first time I was horrible! The aim was to have five shots close together and prove accuracy. In order to do that you need to aim, inhale, exhale while pulling the trigger gently, pulling with a little more force, without jerking it, and pulling completely, hold it for two seconds and let it go. The whole process should not be more than a few seconds. The longer you hold the rifle toward the target, the more tired you get and you lose your concentration. 
I took the above process in to consideration and when we went to the simulator for the second time, I used that in prone, standing, sitting and kneeling position and my results was much better. The most difficult position is standing, of course, because you don't have support. One of the instructors had a very good advice for us: Look over your sight and study your target quickly, get down and look through the sight, quickly apply the procedure. Come up for a rest and repeat the same if required. 
Then my next chance would have been shooting live rounds in Farnham but because I had messed up and was kicked out of the platoon, I missed that chance. However I have to mention that I later was taken there and had to do everything else but shooting! This will be seen in separate posts. Now that I have received my licence for safely using firearm, I hope I get a chance soon to try a shooting club of course when I settle down!
(Photo: A line of Canadian soldiers are practicing rifle shooting in winter conditions using their mitts. Looks like Kananaskis to me)

Sunday, June 25, 2017

CFLRS Notes (17): It's a Small World

When I was sent back to a platoon to continue my training I realized that two of the people that I had previously experience with were on the same platoon: The stinking Cheater and The Player. The Cheater actually helped me to get my stuff from the rest area(!) to the new platoon. The Player was the same fucking asshole who always had been!
In a small community such as a military training school you should be very careful because you might run to someone that you had some interaction with earlier. If that contact had not been good, it leads to animosity and although people cannot do much harm to others in a military due to harsh punishment that they most likely face, it's always better to be careful. Even the staff could cause problem. Imagine you are in a platoon and you have poor performance. This would most likely be transferred to your new platoon, not only through your file but also by the staff who were pissed at you for ignoring their orders. In a nutshell IT'S SMALL WORLD!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

CFLRS Notes (16): 5 Km and 8 Km Marches

There are two rucksack marches that the recruits have to perform during their training in the garrison and they are 5 Km and 8 Km marches, both performed on the pathway. They both are integrated with other physical activities: There's a series of obstacles which have to be overcame after and sometimes before the 5 Km march and there's casualty drag. For 8 Km, as it's more difficult, there's only casualty drag at the end. 
5 Km march was not hard but I barely have a recollection of that. I only remember that I feel off the Monkey Bar while only had two more to complete the first time and the second time I didn't go past the second bar! I also remember that a few guys had beautiful falls at different obstacles, including an Oriental gal who landed on her neck and couldn't move for a few seconds! Rather than that there was nothing special about that march.
During 8 Km march it was different though. The pace was very fast and I had to speed up to reach the person ahead of me a few times. A number of people had to stop and at the end a gal fainted! I can't tell if that was a show or she really lost consciousness because people do anything to get away from hard physical activity but we then did the drag and I was fine. 
My rucksack was among the few ones which was weighted and the Master Seaman told me that it was 5 lbs. heavier than what it was required. " Good Job " he added at the end.
The point for finishing these marches successfully is simply to keep a steady pace and drink water if needed. I believe more than 95% of the recruits pass that easily although some might feel extremely tired after that. 
(Photo: Members of the US Army helping a soldier during his 10 Km rucksack march. Again no cameras are allowed in the garrison and that's why I'm using this picture)

Friday, June 23, 2017

CFLRS Notes (15): CBRN

One of the stupidest classes I had during my CFLRS course was CBRN. The acronym stands for chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear. There, of course, were bunch of French guys from Quebec who were teaching this. The aim is to rapidly put on protection suit when such attacks occurs. As usual the practical part of the practice was performed in numerous sequences that you have to remember them all, while they yell at you! Not to mention the thick suit that wearing that in a hot day would be a true misery!
I had already failed two major tests and I knew that I would be re-coursed and didn't want to participate but I had to. My hands inside the glove was socked in sweat! I also was very hot. I liked the part that they taught to drink from a canteen while we still had our mask on but wouldn't that be as well contaminated when we're under attack?!
The other problem was the speed that an individual has to have to put the suit and mask on, as soon as the signs of attacks are sensed. I guess I better not to write anything about the detail of the practice in case someone from DND is reading this but who, really, would be able to protect him or herself under attack that fast?! And where in the word CAF members would be present that there would be a chance of a CBRN attack?! In Ukraine by Russian forces? In Syria by ISIS? In Afghanistan by Taliban? Or maybe in Mali by Al-Shabaab! It's obvious that CAF has added this class or subject to the curriculum just to fill the schedule. I'm not saying that protection from attacks is not required but we have to be realistic. My friend Mehdi, and I only name him here because I'm sure no one can get to him, was attacked by chemical weapons during Iran-Iraq War. Their unit, whatever it was, he said was attacked by Blood Agent. He said that the only reason he survived was that the wind blew the gas away from him. When he walked to the other side to check on his buddies, he added, that they were so affected that it looked like they had been killed weeks ago! Of course they didn't have any suit or mask but I don't think generally people or troops are able to react to something as horrific as that quickly and efficiently.
The other point here is according to the instruction the mask should be worn in a matter of seconds and the individual should shout: Gas! a few times! Here is the question:
If anyone is able to hear him with the muffled voice, he must be in such a close proximity that the chances that he doesn't realize that there is an attack near them is next to zero. The people who are far away wouldn't help him. So why the hell should he do that?!
Anyways that's the question here and I don't want to write about this disgusting shit anymore. Enough said! I really disliked the practical part of the class like many other previous classes that the instructors think, as part of CAF policy, by being aggressive could force the recruits to learn!
(Photo: Pictures of the poor people who are injured or died as a result of a chemical attack is so bad that I don't think positing them here would be a good idea. I also cannot post any picture from CFLRS or its facility. Instead here there's a picture of an Iranian soldier he is ducked in full chemical suit. Obviously this is way after the Iranians were attacked several times and sustained casualties. This could also be a propaganda picture by the government just to show that they reacted to the crimes of Iraqis. In each way this shows how horrific the war is and I will write about that later)

Sunday, June 18, 2017

CFLRS Notes (14): Helping Flood Victims in Quebec

At one point after days of downpour in mid-May which caused catastrophic floods in parts of Quebec a number of us were asked to help. We first thought that we would leave the garrison and help the victims in different towns but all we were asked was to help a French group of NCMs with sandbag filling.
It was not such a difficult job as there were enough number of people and we switched. There was a big truck with a hopper in the back. The truck would be loaded by a bulldozer and then two people would fill up the bags through the hopper. There was a lack of consistency. A number of the bags would be filled 5/8 of their volume while other ones would be filled almost half. I tried to explain to them but they didn't like that! 
I guess we helped them for about one hour and a half. Not a big accomplishment or anything but it was good to do something positive with the time, especially the people who were suffering from the aftermath of a flood.
(Photo, top: A LAV is going through flood-affected streets of a town in Quebec)

Saturday, June 17, 2017

CFLRS Notes (13): Mama I'm Coming Home(!)

I haven't written here for a long time because I was sent back to a platoon a month ago but now I feel like I should go home. My performance was not bad at the beginning. I finished 5 Km and 8 Km Rucksack marches without a difficulty. I passed all of the theory tests with scores of above 85% (although it's not something significant! to be proud of!) but then my decline started and it was sharp!
I had a little problem with some of the platoon members which was mainly based on misunderstanding and cultural differences, I would say, but the staff don't give a rat's ass what that is about. They just yell at you and add a note to your file. Then I failed a stupid, easy test and then the damn Weapon Handling Test! The later was horrible because I even failed the retest! It was simply due to  forgetting the steps but that was a big problem. I finally was able to pass it in the last time. The instructor who was a nice French (from Quebec of course, like the majority of the instructors of CFLRS) Sergeant explained everything in detail to me and then added a note to my paper indicating that I should be supervised (probably closely) when I'm at the field. I didn't get upset or anything because he was right. I lacked confidence during parts of the test. It's over now because I'm not going to the field.   
My next and more serious problem was with damn marching. I was not able to react to the words of command promptly most of the time, especially when I was too tired as a result of lack of sleep or when I was on my feet for a long time. This was seen especially in the final test. I was on my feet for probably 20 min. before the damn test and I almost was not able to feel them! I failed the test miserably! This failure, combined with the Commandant's Inspection as well as a theory test and the failure of Weapon Handling for the first time, will kick me out of the platoon. 
The most ridiculous class we had, and I'm happy that I don't have to go through that was CBRN which stands for chemical, biological, radioactivity and nuclear attacks! A formality class which just pays a number of so-called instructors and fills out the school schedule! I will write about that in a separate post. The fact is I'm too old to successfully go through BMOQ without much problems and lack of sleep has a major role in my failures. As well I hate doing things such as cleaning (on my feet!), sewing, shoe polishing and other silly stuff like that, no matter how many times they say attention to detail! That's why I'm out!
(Photo: One of a few normal faces of Ozzy Osbourne, the singer of Mama I'm coming home. I thought that would be the best photo to be used for this post as this, hopefully, does not violate any of the CFLRS security policies)

Thursday, May 18, 2017

HMCS Montreal

This week we got a chance to go to Montreal and board HMCS Montreal! It's a RCN's Halifax class frigate which has been in service since early 90's. I'm not writing anything about the ship here because it's all available in the Internet. The things which are not available are the things shouldn't know. The ship was docked in old port and was open to the public. We were welcomed by an officer lady and a number of internal parts were shown to us. I think if a member of the public had stepped in, they would have shown them the same but I'm not sure. We were shown the staffs hang out (which is separated and is based on the ranks), a few public places and the control room which was very interesting to see with the monitors and equipment. 
The ship diving team had a demonstration. I'm not usually patient around the people who explain things to audience (if I can call ourselves that!) so when it came to the time that firefighters (one of the most important teams on a ship) wanted to explain things got the hell out of there and walked around the deck a bit and looked for picture opportunities. Unfortunately due to obvious reasons I was not able to take a good picture. Even the ship was not in a position that could create a nice photo. So after talking to a Able Seaman, who was a young fella and taking a group photo, we left the ship and headed for the school. 
Overall it was not a bad visit. What can you see in a warship?! It's a military mobile base and people should be thankful that they are let on board! At least got the chance to see the inside of the ship after getting on board. When I was in B. C. 10 years ago I got the chance to see HMCS Vancouver but I was late to get on board. I remember that on that day I saw crew with rifle on the deck and This is I asked the Able Seaman. He said that the ship might have been docked in a different security level environment which makes sense now. I hope I can get on such a ship one day and I will work hard for that.
(Photo: HMCS Montreal's logo is seen above the bell. I should have asked what that bell was for. It's for announcement but it seems to be ceremonial only. I will either learn on board a ship or get a chance to ask one day! You can see one of the main entrances to the ship and that is the one we used to go inside although it says Ship Staff only)

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Good Dream

I rarely dream about people. To complete that I barely dream about anything! The number of my dreams are so low that I can remember the last two dreams that I had! 
Nevertheless this is really rare and although it was short I wanted to get it down before it completely is erased from my memory. This dream of mine was about The Lady but before telling it here I have to say, although not pleasant, she left me and we no longer together. It devastated me but I'm trying to stand straight. It's a long story that I don't want to write it down.
The dream simply was that she was coming back with her beautiful smile and wanted to be with me. Simple as that. She called me more than a month ago (I don't even have the exact day) and said that was the last time we were talking. She obviously was very upset but probably not because she was leaving me. Mainly because that she felt that the 7 years that she lived with me was a waste! 
I truly don't know what that dreams means or it has a meaning at all. I try to get her out of my mind not that I don't want her back. I truly believe that she'd be happier, if she can find a decent person. She asked me not to call her again and I'm going to listen. As I said earlier it's a long story but I apologized to her several times in person and on the phone and promised her that I would be the person she wants but she rejected that. What can I do? I hope a happy life for her. Any ideas?

Saturday, May 13, 2017

CFLRS Notes (12): The Cheater

One of the other disgusting human-like creatures that I wanted to mention here is this fucking tiny asshole East Indian guy whom I call him The Cheater. I have no issue with anyone from any background and in fact I sat with him for a meal when he first showed up in our group but then I realized what kind of nasty animal he is: This disgusting no-moral, no-ethics, cheap bastard was kicked out of his platoon because he failed four major tests! There's nothing wrong with that to this point. Not everyone is physically fit for the things that CAF asks in CFLRS. We went to P. T. one day and this nasty animal was with us. We're obligated to have a shower after every session of P. T. Some don't because they're either lazy or slow. Some are both! We were asked to present our towels after we lined up. We were about to be checked to see whether we had shower or not. This motherfucker cheater with one another asshole were the only cheater amomgst the whole group! He was standing there like a motherfucker with a big horn in his asshole (literal translation from mother tongue!). The other day we were lined up after P. T. again and this time another asshole was late so we were asked all to go to push-up position. I looked over the corner of my eyes and I realized that the motherfucker cheater has his knees on the floor!  
This is the type of animal I hate the most in CFLRS and will try to get rid of them in any possible. The funny thing about this asshole is that the trade that he has selected is not what he claims that he has been educated for. He plans to switch trades after a certain time. His contract with CAF is for 9 years but he's not allowed to make the switch happen before 8.5 years! This is how life screws a motherfucker cheater!
(Photo: for this post I selected this photo which I truly believe in. I hope every scum who cheats the CAF system loses and loses big time, including The Cheater!)

Thursday, May 11, 2017

CFLRS Notes (11): The Player

Similar to any other environment, working or school, CFLRS is not asshole free! One of the disgusting ones is this disgusting scum who, when I was put on rest, lived next to me. Every afternoon after the daily work when I would go back to the cubical, this asshole played his stupid instrument! He only knew one song and he was terrible at it! It was so load and as he was very bad at it, it never had a pleasing sound! Luckily and I don't know how it happened, one day out of the clear blue sky he was moved out of the section and I did not have to listen to his stupid noise! 
The other issue with this asshole, who thinks is very smart, is that he once decided to teach us French! I have absolutely nothing against that, as long as the teacher know what he or she's doing. This idiot didn't:
Here we are in the classroom for the first time and instead of starting from alphabet and how they sound in French and then continuing with simple words, the idiot writes a few words and numbers on the word and asks us to repeat after that! I wanted to leave the room but I don't know why I didn't and even participated a little bit! Instead to show him how much I admire his knowledge and teaching skills, I didn't go to the second and third class and I'm sure he realized that! 
Some might criticizing for ignoring the guy's efforts but if something is not done in its right way, I will not waste my time on it and I don't care what he feels. I always try to be friends with everyone and share my knowledge and learn from them but this asshole should simply be ignored.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Mom's Reaction to the New Challenge

When I left home to go to CFLRS I didn't Mom and Farzin where I was going! It's just because I didn't want then to be worried. Mom's brother was in Army, of course in the old country and mainly before the so-called revolution of 1979. I don't know much about him because he died young of complications from Diabetes, I believe. I should ask Mom one day. One of Mom's younger sisters got married to an Artillery Officer through the brother. He died a few years ago in the old country of complications of Parkinson, A believe. So Mom is quiet familiar with military life. So when I told her over the phone a few weeks after I started my training, her reaction was positive and encouraging. I was taken aback how she took it! She said she knew that life had been tough for me but, she added, if I work hard, I would be settled down for life. I guess I'm going to listen to her. My Dad, on the other side, I don't know what his reaction would have been, had he been around these days but he always wanted me to become a physician. Something I always was afraid of: Blood, needles, open wound, etc! They all make me sick. I can't say that he was disappointed at me when he heard that I was going to engineering school. His only desire was that I get education and get a good job. Sure if he was around all these past years, my situation would be way different but I'm OK.
(Photo: Iranian artillery crew firing at Iraqi positions in one of many deadly days of Iran-Iraq War. I never had a chance to ask the relative of mine of his role in the war. After all he was a military man and very serious and always looked down on others. I never had the courage to step up and ask him anything. The last time I saw him, the poor man looked like a walking skeleton and could be barely heard)

Monday, May 08, 2017

My Yoga Practices: Class 2

Note: This post covers an even which took place over a year ago (Not that anyone cares! 〠)
I was late for the second session because I wanted to get a coffee and first stopped by a McDonald's it was closed! It was around 05:45 maybe and the damn McDonald's was closed in Downtown area!!! Un-fucking-believable! So I headed towards the place but I thought I should still get a coffee maybe my breath smells bad! So I stopped at a 7-11 and got one. I guess by the time I reached there it was 06:05. The old fart was there, sitting on the floor and the instructor was on her feet in her natural cloths. We started and I have to say that this time there was less excitement both from the postures and nakedness! Maybe it was becoming usual or maybe I didn't get as much good look as I did last time. I didn't even break a sweat and I realized that the old man had the same feeling because when I brought that up after she asked how I had felt, his response was the same. I started to think that maybe these sessions not worth the time and money I spend. Waking up early, driving for 20 min. or so and the cost, all just for 45 to 50 minutes of bare yoga. I could get the same level of exercise with less money, less driving and I don't have to wake up early. She had other sessions as well but they are normally more crowded and who attends? More males as far as I've seen! I asked her whether it would be a good idea to do a little more intense exercise such as running or jugging after that and she said that would be OK. " I at times go for an hour of running"  she added! That sounded like a joke to me because 1 hour of running is not a short running and with the belly she had I doubt she ever does that but that's OK. Everyone brags about what he or she does to stay fit and active.
(Photo: Warrior 2 is one of the poses. Here in this picture the Black woman has her palms facing the floor. I remember that she always insisted to have the palms faced the ceiling)

Sunday, May 07, 2017

CFLRS Notes (10): A Nice Fight

Fighting, physically of course, in any work-place in Canada gets at least one of the sides, if not both, fired. It, I have to indicate that, who witnesses that. If it's where authorities witness that, it's very hard to get away from it. In other situations there are chances. All of the work-place fights I witnessed, or heard of goes back to Cargill Food Solutions days, more than 11 years ago! People, mostly from poor countries, would think that they were still in their country and fight each other and would get fired. The winner of those fights (or better to say the loser!) were mostly Afghans! I also once witnessed a very nice fight between a Lebanese fat-fuck and a skinny, tall Caucasian guy. I don't know what triggered the Lebanese asshole but he called the skinny guy White boy a few times, I remember! They eventually went at it and in a second the locker room turned into a battleground! Other worked were trying to split them. The Caucasian guy's collar was grabbed by the fat guy. The Caucasian who had long arms, I remember, landed a good punch on the Lebanese body, most likely his face. I don't remember much after that, what the hell happened to them but that clearly is still in my mind after years.
Now back to the fight in CFLRS that was about to get serious here. We were lined up for our P. T. and I complained about the number of people who would participate, stating that would make it hard. People, two guys didn't like it! It's always like this there. People dislike it when you criticize or question something! Or perhaps it's better to say that they dislike you! So they make opposing remarks! One of them said that I had to get used to it and the other one said something as stupid as the other's remark! I wanted to say something that shut them both up but I went easy and said like: ... publish your smart ideas in your local newspaper!
They didn't like it but the problem was another guy, a short one, who kept saying that we should be quiet! One of the guys kept arguing and then asked what it was that I said about the local newspaper! I ignored him but one of the guys, who was standing next to him, didn't like it that we were still talking and wanted us to stop talking. He made a fist and got it within probably half an inch from the other gay's face! The other one who was much taller said: Go ahead! Do it! People then jumped and separated them because they knew that not only gets them pinched really hard (I don't know if they would have been fired or not) but that would have probably had an affect on the rest of the guys as well! However had the fight happened it would have been a nice one because the start was good! 
(Photo: Soccer, everywhere, has always been the cause of trouble. Things that happen in soccer you barely see in other sports. Here Polish fans are beating on a Russian fan during Euro 2012! These two countries has always had problems I don't think it's possible to distinguish between Poles and Russians if they don't have something on with their country's logo or flag!)

Saturday, May 06, 2017

My Yoga Practices: Class 1

Note: This post covers an even which took place over a year ago (Not that anyone cares! 〠)
I decided to do something new last year. Something that I had not have tried: Yoga. But it was not simply Yoga. It was naked yoga. So when I saw the advertisement with a little photo I was quite excited. The drop-in fee sounded reasonable just to try for once to see how I feel. Imagining in a room full of nude people, hopefully mostly women was very exciting! At the same time I was nervous because I was not sure how it would turn out. Just meeting new people causes enough anxiety. You add being naked to it, It doubles the nervousness! I had not have a good sleep in the past 2 days before the session. One day because of the asshole neighbours playing their music loudly past the midnight. The other night because I woke up early for a hiking trip and that turned to a complete disaster and I, not only wasted time and money of gasoline, not to mention mileage on the car, but also didn’t get anything out of it. So I tried to go to bed early and compensate but couldn’t go earlier than 12:15 AM. Thoughts would come from all direction, particularly because I had lined up another meeting for the week, with a different nature but with some similarities: The most important one being meeting new people. I usually am not very sociable unless I know the person. It’s tough to act in a way that people are happy! Or it's better to say it's hard to make everyone happy. 
Anyways it didn’t take long to fall sleep but for whatever reason I woke up around 02:30 and hardly could go back to sleep! I turned and tossed but then I looked at the clock and it was 03:30 and I was still awake! I know it’s stupid but I couldn’t do anything! Eventually at the designated hour, before the alarm clock goes off, I dressed and headed toward the studio.
The first disappointment was that the other person who had signed up for the class rather than me appeared to be an old man in his late 60’s! I know there are unisex names but this, I didn’t expect. He already was undressed and was sitting on his mat. The instructor, on the other hand was wonderful. We chatted for a few seconds and she started to take her top off. I started undressing at the same time. She then took her shorts off and there we were three naked persons in the room. She had a very attractive body with tattoos on her thigh, forearm, legs, shoulders and back, right above the hips, where it’s very common within women. The tattoos made her very sexy. In addition to that she was tall with prominent breasts which looked still firm and uphold. I remember clearly that her left nipple and bellybutton were both pierced and the nipple was just amazing. Big, brownish and stiff, jotted out of her big breast. That was the left one and was very sexy. Her nipples were all the time prominent and not just like some women who their nipple is flat. Some women you have to pinch their nipple or suck or bite it to get it out but theirs were upright all the time. That was one of the things which made her look very sexy. Now just writing about it makes me hard but at the time I didn’t get much of erection because normally when the body is tired, there’s not much activity going on down there! I hope next time I'm there I get a good, steady and long erection because I want to see her reaction to that. When I asked her originally about erections, before going to the meeting, she said I would have to breath and erections come and go. I really hope it comes and doesn't go during the next session!
Her pubic hair was trimmed nicely and although the room was not completely lit, just to give the relaxing atmosphere, I could see that. Due to the positions we had toward each other and I’m sure she selected them to expose less of herself, I didn’t get a straight look but during the exercise and bending and moving, I saw the outer labia and I should say that they looked good which for a woman in her late 30’s is awesome. She had a very nice and sexy belly as well. I like that in women and that pierced belly button gave it more glamour, I would say. The skin looked so soft that it's smoothness would please the eyes, not to mention touching! And no extra hair. I should say that I studied her body throughout the exercise whenever I had the chance and the above is not something you could get just by a glimpse. The only negative point about that lady was her ass. She does not have a sexy ass and while her skin is, I'm sure, as smooth as silk and just tells you to kiss and caress those cheeks, when she walks, or stands, you don't see that roundness that a sexy ass normally has. And about her butt-hole, I can't say anything because although she bent over with her back almost towards me, a few times, I didn't get a chance to see what I love very much in women, their butt-hole. All the positions she were in when she bent over required the legs to be close to each other.
She started the practice or maybe I should say moves and while explaining she showed them as well. I tried to keep up as much as I could and I have to admit that it really was good. It actually was awesome. Some of the moves really were challenging for me and I’m a kind of a guy who exercises almost regularly. After a while which I can not say how long it was, I started sweating like a pig and droplets would fall on the mat and the floor. During one of the bending and diving, I looked down on my penis and I realized that a long string of liquid, or pre-cum was hanging from the tip of my penis’s head and was about to land on the mat! Fortunately it was dark and she didn’t notice that and when later she rolled the mat, I guess, she probably would think it was a droplet of sweat! This was the reaction of my tired body to the situation and her body. I didn’t get hard but my body reacted that way. The one hour session passed very smoothly and I got the chance to check her out from different angles. Unfortunately when she was showing a few moves which she spread her legs, she sat sideways so I didn’t get a good look at the front area rather than the fantastic breasts, of course. We relaxed on the floor at the end while a nice music was being played, some East Indian. At the end the relaxing moment with the light out, the good smell of some kind of perfume that she sprayed and a little touch on the feet by her was very good. So I decided to go if the group size was at that level because I had already checked and realized there were groups of 6 or 7 and mostly men! So why the hell would I go to such a group! I also realized some of the women who attended, came with their partner. So I guess that’s the practice because I didn’t see any woman by herself. For that reason I decided to check every session before I go. The fact is if I’m going to a yoga class and I want to exercise and pay that much, which actually is very good, I’d rather to go where I can see naked women, not some old fart with a penis hanging in front of him like a mouse tail! So now I’m looking forward for the next session to see what will be available to enjoy both in terms of scenery and exercise. Not to forget that having an erection in front of women who can see your penis at any moment is fun enough by itself. This actually reminds me of a meeting that I once had with a girl, not a girlfriend of course, a girl classmate, years ago. I went to SAIT on my bike and had cycling short with nothing underneath. We were sitting and chatting and I guess we wanted to go somewhere to study or get a coffee and for a reason that I don't remember I had a hard-on and the penis was lying on my right thigh! When I stood up to leave I caught her eyes looking at the bulge but she said nothing nor did anything. I guess most of the girl wouldn't do anything under the circumstance unless we were close or she was horny!
(Photo: This is called Crow Pose and I liked it. This I used to do when I was a little kid and I have no idea what it was called but it was a type of challenge within the guys of my age! Now I see it maybe 30 years or even longer after that. Our instructor did that when she was doing it in front of us. So there was no back or side nudity like this photo here!)