Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The White Boy

I was going to start a supplement(!) under the category of Cargill Stories but then I though since a few of the stories were posted years ago, at the time I was employed by the company, it would probably not be such a very good idea, Then I thought it could be done despite that fact and I haven't made my mind yet!
I worked for the company for a little more than 5 years and to this day I regret the fact that I did not get myself together to get the hell out of the plant sooner. I will write more details about the place and work but this one, which goes back to more than 12 years ago is about a very beautiful fight between a fat, disgusting, pig-like Lebanese guy and a Caucasian one. 
The fat f*ck was a long-time employee and the Caucasian guy had recently joined at the time of this incident. I remember that the two had arguments a few times and the Lebanese guy would call him White Boy(!) every time they spoke. I really don't know what  the argument was about but I do know that Lebanese have been living in Canada for decades now. In fact that fat, disgusting, animal could have been born in the country. Many poor nations Indians (of Punjabi origin, Sikhs), Chinese, Caribbean craps, you name it have roots in Canada basically because they all had hard time in their original country: Not much food, no electricity, no well-paid job, no security, etc. While Iranian destroyed their own country by their own hands and minds and started to flow to Canada in late 90's!
Tyson versus Berbick in 22-Nov-1986. On this day, the young Tyson, whom this post could not have been completed(!) without a photograph of him, destroyed the Jamaican-born boxer Trevor Berbick and won the world title. Berbick whom years later was murdered in his country of origin by a family member, had recently defeated Mohammad Ali and was very confident but lost the bout in round 2!
Anyways one day in the locker room I saw those two again and this time it was different. I, again, don't remember what triggered them to go at it but I clearly remember that the Caucasian guy made a fist, pulled his arm back and throw a nice jab (I hope I'm correct in terms of the technical term. Boxers, please help!) at the fat, disgusting Lebanese! The guy lost his balance and was thrown at least 3 feet back! At this moment the crowed, which I forgot to mention that had gathered nearby, stormed to the two to separate them! That was an unforgettable and beautiful scene and that's why I still remember that after all these years! I have watched many boxing bouts, more specifically the ones that my all-time favourite boxer, Mike Tyson, is one of the fighters but I have to admit that the punch that the Caucasian guy threw has been, even to this day, one of the most beautiful ones that I have ever seen!
The companies usually have zero tolerance for fights. They normally fire at the least one, the one who starts the fight, obviously and depending on the situation suspend the second one. I, again, don't recall what their fate was but that what the policy is.
(Photo: Carcasses are hung where the temperature is slightly above freezing. If they're not chilled, working on them would be very difficult for labourers. This picture is from another Cargill facility, down in the US and I hope Cargill doesn't mind it that I'm using it for my web-log. I actually worked in this part of the facility briefly and since it was a long time ago I don't recall what it was that I had to do[!] but possibly just pushing the carcasses out and to the fabrication floor)

Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Test/Interview

I had to write a test and then attend a short interview for the next part of my career application. There was already one person when I got to the venue. We had a little chat and then four others joined. Three guys and a gal. One guy, who looked Oriental was the last one who showed up. A lanky guy who looked immature as soon as he entered by the way he behaved and talked! I will have more on this guy later. We all sat at a table and got ready for the test. Explanation was provided by a lady and we started. The first part of the test comprised of nearly 700 questions! We could take breaks as long as we needed. Most of the guys were fast and of course finished before I did. I guess the girl was the first one. The next step was nearly 300 questions and eventually you would sit to talk to the interviewer.
The interviewer, a nice old gentleman in his late 60's, I would say, asked a few questions and jotted notes down quickly. I don't know whether he was impatient or that was the way the interview should have taken places but he mostly didn't expect long answers and explanations. I don't think I will be successful at that stage which means the end of this process for me. He said he only would have recommendations for the employer. It would be them who make the final decision but considering that he found me " Emotional " I think my chance of going to the next stage is very slim. In fact if anyone passes this step, he or she is practically in because after this stage it will only be medical examination to attend to and reference check. Although I might have small issues with the lather, I believe that medical examination is very easy for me. The guy whom I met the first said that he had still not done his physical examination done! I remember that I was told that the employer would not even consider you a candidate if you have not passed PARE. So I don't know how he was there!
Now more about that lanky, Oriental-looking guy. We sat as the last two who were supposed to be interviewed. Somehow the conversation led to two interesting subjects: He was at the CFLRS last summer! He was an Afghan from Hazara ethnicity! While I understand their language as it's a branch of Persian, we never talked in the language (called Dari) and I didn't get what platoon or section he was part of. He is posted to CFB Edmonton, I guess he said. Not that is important for me or anyone. However he wants to cahnge to this job that I have applied for. From the way he behavied and his language I could tell that he has been here in Canada for a long time. He also was the only other person rather than me and perhaps one more who had issue with some therminology and idoms in the examination meaning that despite spending long years in the country, he's not as good as a native English speaking person. For sure he knows the languge of street particularly now that he is a CAF member(!) but when it comes to grammar and textbook language he sucks although it shouldn't be that bad because he supposedly have a degree. Although having a degree means sh*t. The Mumbling Guy has a Master's here and doesn't barelly know his a*s from his elbow when it comes to wrting and speaking in English! I remember that he used to call me to his office every time that he wanted to send an e-mail to cleint or another significant counterpart! Now he's enjoying his 5 figure salary and I have to work like a freaking horse for a bunch of stupid a*sses who barely now anything about organization, productivity, quality, continouos improvement and sililar concepts of today's modern industry. 
I sent all the documents and forms to the employer less than a week after the test/interview. There was a bunch. The only thing that I should do now is to wait to see whether I pass the test/interview and if there's a problem with my documents. I also have this fear of reference check. Most of my references are OK but I'm just not sure about this new guy that I have started working with late last year. I have been offered a permanent position by these disgusting disorganized guys and although I don't like working for them I have no choice but to work until my situation is clear. I'm afraid that if he is asked about me he brings up the issues I've had with The Caribbean Pile of Shit and as well gets upset that I would be leaving after all the training that he had provided. What can I do?
(Photo: Both of the tests were multiple choice and not quite easy. No paper was given to sign to ask that the content of the test should not be released because the answer would be different from person to person and for most there's no right or wrong answer. However knowing the questions, I believe, would help the applicants to prepare themselves. They could fake answers which would seem correct to the exam marker)

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A Motivation to Utilize Root Cause Analysis Methods

** Notice: If you're offended by even mild sexual content, please avoid this post **
I did something stupid a few weeks ago. While this has not been the first stupid thing that I have done in my life, I wonder what the hell I was thinking when I even decided to take action on this!
I went to a place that I have been once last summer and this time, unlike the last time a sort of Caucasian lady showed at the door frame. I use the term " sort of " because she looked more like Eastern European rather than Westerner Caucasian(!) and they are different. In summer, there was an Oriental woman, most likely a Chinese who provided the service. And she actually was good. Good massage, excellent body and good personality and behaviour. I don't remember about the extra service though.
So I'm in there and this woman asks me to shower. First time I hear that in this type of environment and I'm completely OK with it. I had taken a shower in the morning but I didn't argue. I have the towel wrapped around my waist and I lay down waiting for the lady to come in. She's a tall one, probably a little taller than me. She asks me if I needed the towel and I took it off saying just wanted to make sure that I was following the place's protocol. She starts the massage while a irritating, fast-beat, loud music is playing! The whole environment is a turn-off! The massage which by the way was one of the worst that I had ever received(!) and the damn music but I say nothing. It comes to the point that she asks me to turn and lay on my back. That's where I made the fatal mistake! I should have gotten the hell out of there under the disturbing circumstance but when she asked what more I wanted I suggested to engage in coitus and she agreed! She started taking her cloths off and I realize she had a big belly, almost hanging down a little! Having a wrinkled, big, hanging-down belly at that young age was another turn off but it was too late to quit! She then laid down on the bed and asked me to give her a massage. She had a nice body but not something extraordinary or so. I gave her a little touch and then tried to enter from behind (not the back door though) not very successful! I found out that her size, weight and length were all factors in failure! She was playing along well either and was kind of dumb! I kissed her feet a few time as she had beautiful feet and that was nice but not overly enjoyable in the whole scenario! I tried Missionary while she laid down on her back on the edge and eventually I came without having much pleasure and wanting it! 
That was one I realized that Trail & Error which is a common method even in engineering sector is effective. However Root Cause Analysis should be utilized to find the root cause of the problem, fix it and prevent it from recurrence. I think after utilizing an effective Root Cause Analysis methodology a Preventive Action should be developed and utilized as well. I used to be an ASQ member and tried to become CQE twice and I failed and stupidity and being busy with life prevented me from achieving that goal but I'm going to renew my membership, get the book, study and master it and then I will aim for CQE again. Perhaps it's not too late. 
Anyways she directed me to the shower after that while putting her cloths on. She didn't even shower herself. It shows how low-class she was! In the shower she used scrub which actually was not bad and that was the first time I was trying that. Overall it was a very disappointing experience for me but I learnt a little and I'm determined to use that in the next encounter. 
(Photo: A Root Cause Analysis book published by ASQ. I'm going to get some feedback on that before purchasing that and I'm not just going to purchase and put it in the shelf. I'm going to master it)

Sunday, April 08, 2018

Busted My Hump over March's V. Work

I spent an entire morning in a disgusting, nasty McDonald's working on the damn volunteer work last weekend with the very high anticipation and hope that I can be the selected one again, this time for the month of March. Wrong! The result came out with a week delay and a complete disappointment: I was not the best one! I couldn't believe that and I still cannot.
Most of my time in March was spent on preparation for this career that I've been pursuing, the damn very physically demanding job, lazing around (as a result of extreme tiredness) watching YouTube clips and similar(!) and doing nothing. I still expected that my work pays but evidently I was wrong. I'm still in the game, both in the volunteer one and the career. I have a few things that I have to do to get my career hiring process to the point that I only would wait for the results. Then I can focus on the volunteer job as well as, probably, the certificate that I abandoned and have to finish it.  April is a crucial month, if I can call it. This month, most likely, I will get the result: Whether I will go to Quebec for training (of a different kind) for the second time or not.
(Photo: A scene from one of the greatest sitcoms of all time Seinfeld. Kramer played by Micheal Richards is somehow is hired [and at the same time not hired!] by a company and in this scene tells Jerry, while pouring himself some booze [indicating it has been a tough day at work], that he busted his hump with the reports! I usually like a picture with every post and that's why I used this) 

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Another Test: A Failure!

** Notice: If you're offended by even mild sexual content, please avoid this post **
I wrote about a successful test(!) that I had a few weeks ago. Then I decided to test myself with a new material with the same nature! I had lots of confidence and got it back, I believed. So I went to this nearby place and I was greeted by a tiny Oriental girl. That was my first time in that place. The room seemed a normal one, seemingly clean and a soft music was being played. As usual the session started with a massage which was not bad. Then again as usual the question was asked that what I wanted followed by being asked to turn over. being confident from the past encounter I suggested to have coitus(!) and as expected, it was accepted immediately.  
This however was a bit different experience. The girl let me to take her bra off and I have to say that her nipples were incredibly prominent! She was flat-chest, almost with big nipples pointing at me! My reaction to those, didn't bother her and she didn't resist or anything. I hope she enjoyed that. She then pursued to put a condom on me while saying that my penis was big. I don't think I have a big penis. It's just normal but for a petite girl like that it is big! I continued with foreplay while she was going along and then I decided to enter from Missionary position. I pumped a few times. She complained that I was big but did not have any other negative reaction rather than that. She either took it or just was saying I was big. Then I asked her to ride me while facing me. She went up on top and down a few times. That neither felt very enjoyable and I realized that I was about to fail! I was quite surprised at myself as why this time I was so close to ejaculation and so fast. I decided to use a technique that I had learnt earlier: Grab the penis from the shaft where the head is and squeeze hard! It seemed to be working temporarily but when I asked her to turn back and ride me while her back is toward me, I realized that I had ejaculated! It was ill-lit in the room but I could see that the condom had been filled with semen. Here was my mistake: I should have kept going and make myself ejaculated after probably 10 min. or so but instead I told her that I was done! Stupid! I know that I could do it but I just don't know why I did that. I guess even she was disappointed because sometimes they want to enjoy as much as they can too. I asked her if she wanted to have orgasm and she replied that hers was difficult to achieve! Then she offered me to shower and I know that we could go and shower together (I have an experience that another girl told me that she would shower with me but I denied) but I declined. I just don't feel comfortable to shower somewhere I'm not sure about the level of hygiene! I already expose myself to risks, so why would I increase that. I just put my cloths on and left. She saw me off to the door while had a towel wrapped around her. Failure! Now some might have a dramatic reaction to what I've written here. Please don't. I'm just putting myself into test to make sure my equipment is functional. Of course if I had accessed means to do so with a partner, I would have done it but I haven't been able to find someone. Perhaps I should work harder on this issue.
(Picture: This might be excessive but I almost felt the like this one I failed the test. Maybe not to that extent but if you don't feel that bad how would you then improve?)

Friday, April 06, 2018

A Nightmare before the Interview

I had a big Turkey leg last night and I went to bed early but don't remember what time. They say Turkey makes you sleep and that was a big piece! Then woke up at around 23:30 and it was quite everywhere. Not a peep. Went back to sleep and woke up again around 04:30 or so and had difficulty to go back to sleep. I guess it was because of the test/interview session that I had today. 
Then fell asleep again and had a nightmare! I clearly had it in mind when I woke up but I can't recall everything now! All I remember is I was somewhere that the streets were built in a sort of stairway shape! I mean you would drive and then you had to go up vertically and then you would go horizontally and you had to keep up like that! I wasn't driving. I guess I more of watching because there was this bicycle man who was dragging his bicycle up one of the stairs! That could have been me who has been trying to drive through obstacle and get to the final destination which is this career! The other thing that I vaguely remember now is there was something that I was trying to read, maybe an instruction or something and it was not only upside-down, but also blurry! Then I got trapped in a series of empty rooms where led to nowhere and if I remember correctly that was the time that I looked down the window of one of the room and saw the bicyclist! 
That's all I remember and I woke up it was almost 06:00. I got out of the bed to shave and get ready. I guess it was all about the interview that I was supposed to have and had. I will post about that later.
(Photo: The scene from one of the greatest movies of the all time The Shining. Danny has this ability to see whatever evil that is about to happen, either in his dreams or simply while he's up during the day or night. There are practically thousands of interpretations as what Kubrick wanted to really imply in each and every scene of this movie and I honestly don't know is what he really is his intention! My nightmare was, of course, not as bad as this one but I always like to use a picture which is somehow associate with my post and that is usually something from a favorite movie, sit-com, previous event and such)

Thursday, April 05, 2018

The Caribbean Pile of Shit

There are a series of, pardon me, useless islands between North America and South America, where it's called Caribbean Sea. Sometimes I don't even know what to say to the people who believe in God and nonsense such as that! I'm derailing from the story completely at the very beginning but if there had been a God, why would he (and another thing not she! Who says that God is male?!) create the world in this shape that there are people born in the middle of nowhere with basically nothing!? These simple example, in the daily life, I wonder if they ever come to the mind of retards who believe in God and nonsense similar to that! I bet they have a stupid reason for that! It's similar to an idiot who once when he/she asked why people of different races exist. He (I guess it[!] was a she) said because God likes variety!!! What kind of stupid, retard should you be whom not only believe in such a nonsense, but also claim that you even can read the so-called God's mind!!! 
Anyways there this guy who is originally from one of this tiny islands in the middle of nowhere in Caribbean Sea! He is probably one of the craziest people that I've ever worked with. He's nice and helpful most of the time though but not because he thinks he should help others. His help has authoritative roots! It means that he helps because he believes he's giving orders. That, however, is not the only problem. The side problem is that the damn supervisor is not able to shut him down, most of the times and permanently. That could be a major issue in a workplace, when the supervisor does not have enough authority or if he/she had, is not capable of using it. This one, whom I need to find a nickname for, is crippled but he has stood up against him a few times, including once that I've posted an amusing story (at least in my own view!) about it. There's been so many times in the past 5 months or so that I had just to shut up and take whatever crap he says! That's how I've survived so far and I can't wait to get the hell out of this place and it's not because of this maniac or anyone else, particularly. It's just the damn hard physical job, waking up early and driving to work, working in an environment which is cold and uncomfortable. Not to mention the lame wage that I received for that. In fact if it was not because of this f**king maniac (and one more a**shole), it would be much easier to put up with the work but it's not. To make the long story short, I'm going to bring a few intellectual quotes of him here and leave the judgement to you: 
  1. I won't go to America. I'm minority. They'll shoot me!
  2. I lived in Britain. Compare to these people here, I'm from mainland.
  3. I stopped in Australia on my way to Fiji. I didn't like Australians!
  4. Calgary is a big asylum. Everyone I've met has got a mental issue!
  5. I've been saying to myself that I'd leave Calgary in the past year. I will!
  6. I studied psychology. I almost have a diploma in psychology!
  7. I'm not Christian. This cross (pointing at his chest) is a symbol!
  8. I have three new years: Spring, Chinese and January the 1st! 
  9. I'm also a philosopher! 
  10. I'm physically here (workplace) everyday but my mind and soul is not! 
What a nut-bag! 
(Photo: This map here shows what is considered Caribbean. This nut-job is from one of these tiny islands that basically have nothing but a place, some of them, that rich and at time middle-class and even average Joe goes for vacation which basically lying in the sun and sipping into booze)

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

A Good Physical Test

** Notice: If you're offended by even mild sexual content, please avoid this post **
I decided to test myself a few weeks ago to see how good I was after years(!) of inactivity. I went to this place that I had been to a few times and I had enjoyed their massage and their unconventional(!) sex service. Sorry to be so blunt but that is true. Their massage is good and very relaxing and at the end they help you, most of the time, to relax even more, although I'm sure that their last part of service is not as good as what a Caucasian woman would provide. In addition to that, and in case you need to know, these gals are all Chinese. There's a big number of women from that country who are in this business in the city and evidently they're happy with what they do. I remember a few years ago the municipality tried to organize them but I'm not sure whether they were successful or not. Probably not, just like the way they tried to fix the problem with the basement suites.
Prostitution has been going on for years in China. I remember reading a novel by Pearl Buck years ago, I guess it was Dragon Seed, and it's about the Japanese invasion of of China (or probably Manchuria to be exact) and in a part when Japanese soldiers are about to take girls and women in a village that they had captured, prostitutes volunteer to go with them and they basically save all the girls and women of that village. 
Anyways I was there and I realized the one who opened the door is not the one I was expecting. There's this sort of owner/primary person and then there's this second person pert-time woman who is younger, more beautiful and better(!) in what she provides. I went in with the hope that I see the second one because I knew that was the day that she was working but saw the primary one! Not the primary in terms of quality of service of course but who cares? I wanted to test myself to see how good I was. She said that the other girl had gone to China for vacation! It's funny that I've been out of my real job for more than 2 years and have not been able to even to go to Edmonton for a day due to the costs and my shit situation. These gals with no education, minimum English language knowledge working as pretended masseuses, doing whatever it takes to make money, go to vacation as long as and as often as they want!
In there I ask for a massage because I was really tired and as I said earlier their massage is really good and helps the muscles to relax. She used the oil and did the entire back from neck to calves. Then they usually ask you to turn back and ask what you would want them to do. There are different services: Fellatio, male's organ stimulation by hand and of course coitus. I asked her to do the second and then the last. She suggested to do the last and then the second, in that order, based on the reasoning she had! I didn't want to argue with someone who barely speaks English. So I pretended that I understood her reasons and I agreed!
She brought a condom and started with a little fellatio to make it ready. I was ready and then I started with missionary. That was not so bad but then we had to change positions a few times: Doggy, she on the top and then eventually I standing and she laying on her back on the edge of the bed. That was when I pumped her really hard and I enjoyed a little. I must say here that I had thought I would release much sooner but fortunately it didn't happen. She was insisting to give me a hand because according to her we were running out of time! At the same time I was insisting to have more time! During these changes of position and pumping her hard, I think, she felt sore a little. I don't think I'm very big and I don't think she was tight. So I don't know if that was my speed or something else! Eventually after her face turned quite similar to the photo that I wanted to put here and I didn't for obvious reasons and I must say that I enjoy make her sound like that she said she had to release me by hand and pointed at the time again. I agreed because I didn't want to argue again. It would have ruined the whole session! She took the condom off and that was when I suggested to go to the bathroom because I knew she wouldn't do that in the room. I wanted to cum while standing. That would have had more pleasure. She said something stupid: No they have camera everywhere!! I again didn't say anything and laid on my back. She poured lots of oil on my junk area and started stroking fast. She wanted to get over it as quick as possible. I, in the meantime, helped her with touching her but it was not as easy and fast as she had thought! I even asked her to caress my balls and she did. Eventually after minutes I exploded and it was so much that it sprayed on my chest and my palms! She carried on until I finished and then asked me not to move and cleaned me. I don't know why I came that much or that hard but that was good but I'm sure that would have been more pleasure, if I had come in her or while standing and receiving the service. I was directed to the shower by her after that. I don't know how leading me to the shower completely naked was OK by her but releasing me there was not! I didn't tell her that once I had been given a very good hand by one of her girls (who does not work there anymore) and I had come all over the carpet in the room! She would have been not very happy, had I told her! Based on the story, I'm still not sure if I passed the test or not. I think I will have to redo it but with a different attendant. 
(Photo: Pearl Buck was born in the US but spent years in China as her father was sent there as a missionary. Most of her novels are about the years she spent in the country. Here she's seen hugging a little Chinese girl who by the way is not as cute as The Brave's daughter!)

Monday, April 02, 2018

How Did I Start Saving on Fuel through ESSO?

RBC announced they would cease their collaboration with Esso last year. I had an Esso Visa card with the bank for a long time and they changes it to a regular visa after that. However I had years of points accumulated in my card which although I was not worry about them much, I wanted to keep and eventually use them. 
Esso sent me a reward card when the visa card was cancelled and I was told that my points had been transferred to the new card. I decided to check the card a few weeks ago and the attendant told me that I had loads of points which could be used to get gasoline for free. That felt good and I got $30 worth of fuel for the first time. The price of gasoline has significantly gone up in the past 2 weeks or so and that is in addition to the hike it had received after the government implemented Carbon Tax. Why is that? I have no idea. That could be the result of price of crude going up but I stopped listening and watching the news months ago because it's mostly nonsense!
It would have been much more gasoline, had I started using the card earlier but I didn't because I usually pay as little attention as possible to these details. 
(Photo: An old Esso gas station in an unknown location, most likely in the US. Esso was founded in 1912 in Texas and has been around since)

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Scraping Hard

I wanted to get out quickly yesterday morning to get in to my volunteer work because I only had yesterday and today and with the disappointing results of Jan. and Feb. I wanted to get everything done. So I went out I guess at around 08:00 and when I realized under a thin layer of wet snow there was a hard thin layer of ice on the windshield, windows and back glass which would barely come off! 
I grabbed the scraper and in the early cold quiet morning of March tried to remove the ice. Not easy! It was screeching so loudly and coming off hardly! I had not seen such ice ever before! I even had to do the side windows because the ice was so thick that you couldn't see clearly. I eventually got as much as I needed to drive safely, done after probably 15 min.!
(Photo: This photo clearly shows that there are two layers on the windshield: sticky hard ice and then wet snow)