Friday, August 26, 2016

Trans Shit and Fart Highway(!!)

I, once again, had to go to British Columbia for a job interview. Same shit long drive! Started early again so the extreme heat does not bother me. Unlike the previous trips didn't stop even once for photography but stopped for water and coffee of course. The highway was crazy, perhaps because it was Sunday and people were going back home from lakes, campgrounds and provincial parks. Several motor-homes on the road. I saw a few with Kayaks on the top and bicycles in the back. People here just want to kill themselves by trying every fucking thing! 
I then got to Kamloops and drove down south to Hope. It's almost 204 KM. I realized that I had to go almost in the middle of the way and tried to find a resting area! Nothing! Whoever the fucking idiot designed this part of Trans-Canada Highway, transformed it to Trans Shit and Fart Highway because there is not even a spot on the shoulder of the highway that you can pull over and use bushes as restroom! I eventually when it was almost 60 KM to Hope (only half an hour considering the maximum allowable speed) saw a sign pointing at a resting area! Thanks very much! I might as well go to Hope! I bet the facilities in the town are much better. 
(Photo: Kamloops Lake on the right side [north] of Highway No. 1, when you'r driving to west. This was taken during the previous trip when it was wet, rainy and foggy as it can clearly be seen. This time I took Highway No. 5 to south which is the subject of above story)

Thursday, August 18, 2016

CBC's Become Trash Thrower

There was a time I couldn't wait until 22:00 to watch The national. One reason was of course that I didn't have cable and you could simply use an antenna to get a few channels. The bastards in media industry eliminated that option a few years ago. I guess it was 2012. Now you have to buy a new TV to be able to get as many as 4 or 5 channels without cable. I don't care. I'm not watching TV. 
The other reason was that I was passionate to improve my English language proficiency. In addition to these reason, I believe that the news broadcast (Or broadcasted, both are correct and are considered past tense of the verb broadcast, in case someone wonders!) by CBC had a better nature. Now it has become just a trash distributor! Or perhaps It's because I don't like this piece of stinking crap, phony Justin, The Disgusting Piece of Shit, Trashudu! What A disgusting creature! Or they fucking talk too fucking much about the fucking disgusting the US election! What the fuck can you do about that, assholes? The piece of stinking shit who closed her disgusting eyes to her husband's affair or Trump. Either one wins the election, there's nothing you can do about it. So just shut the fuck up and give a short version. Don't fucking yap about it every night. Or every fucking night they assign minutes to the US shootings! Who gives a fuck? That's their war. Let them fucking kill each other! Are you assholes trying to divert people's mind from what's going on in the country?
There are so many problems in this country which need to be addressed and fixed: Unemployment, home-grown terrorism, environment, you name it. 
I remember once a few years ago there was a note in my mailbox from an MP. He wanted to get the approval of people so he could somehow start a campaign to stop the $1 Billion CBC receives every year! That MP is gone probably but I guess he had a good cause. They say CBC is impartial and neutral. I don't believe that. I'm sick of this much garbage they try to feed to people every night. I've already stopped watching! 
(Picture: Sorry CBC people. You all are in a big stinking garbage bin but you can smell the disgusting odor because you've become part of it! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Disgusting Pancake of A&W

I don't like eating out mostly but these days I feel fed up, bored and annoyed at home due to being unemployed. So at times I use any excuse to get the hell out of the apartment! I went to an A & W a few weeks ago and it was pissing down! I didn't know what to have and decided to order a Pancake with a side of Egg and of course a cup Coffee. I recently began to like their Van Houte coffee. It's nice and smooth but the Pancake was horrible! You would feel the flour in the mouth, the plate was dirty and greasy and the egg not seasoned! No fucking salt or pepper. 
I didn't want to argue with the fucking, disgusting Filipinos. These days you see them in almost every fast food restaurant you go. McDonald's is their domain. You see them in A&W and possibly other fast food joint, as I don't go to all. So if you're planning to have your breakfast in A&W watch for the damn Pancake and send it fucking back, ask the disgusting pieces of carp to replace it or make it at home, which would be for the best, like we used to do with Whole Wheat Pancake Mix of Coyote

Monday, August 15, 2016

Stupid Blames on Someone else

The story of these young Canadian guys who, as it's said here, become radicalized(!) is so funny. Their parents don't care and are too busy with their Red Wine, Barbecue, Mobile Apps(!) and short jeans! , leaving the kids to grow like a mushroom in a forest. No supervision, no direction! They have to find their ways! The kid's exposed to everything from Marijuana and alcohol, under-age sex and all sorts of shit that you can imagine. Some, are troubled and either have no access to the above or are derailed and directed to other things such as radical Islam, as they like to call it here. I found that very hard to believe! Either way the parents are too busy with their own hobbies which some were named above. Others are grown in single-parent families, something that's consider a value(!) in this country! You fuck someone without protection and the result's a kid in 9 month. The person bolts or you ditch her. All of a sudden you're so proud of yourself and everyone's cheering for you because you're a single parent! Imagine the kid who's growing in such a toxic environment! He or she has to deal with the fight that the parents have first to get the custody of the kid. Then the parent, whether a man and woman goes for another partner. The kid might experience as many as I don't know how many partners for his or her Mom or Dad. The poor thing's now confused! This is so fucked up but they're proud of themselves because they're single parents!
Now this woman, I don't know what she was up to when her messed up son made this face for himself and left his country to go fight alongside ISIS! People make up all sorts of stories, study hard or work their asses off to come to this country and use its opportunities and this fucking piece of shit leaves for ISIS because, they say, he has been radicalized! And then they blame that on the Government! When it comes to pay their taxes the Government's bad! But when they don't control their son and the fucking idiot joins the terrorist organization, the Government is to blame! If the Government wants to step in and give people direction, they say the Government's interfering with our life or is too big, or it's not their business! But when they mess around and become clueless, they remember that there's a Government that they need to get help from!
What else do you want from the Government? You have universities, colleges, trade schools, the Forces and so many opportunities that people of many other countries only can dream of! You have so many opportunities here and you just tend to fuck around and blow them and then blame it on the Government that you can't do shit! You're just freaking idiots! That's all what you are. You have the US bordering you and there're many opportunities in there. Should I keep going? So don't fucking blame everything on the Government. That's your fault that you provided no guidance, protection and direction. Don't blame it on someone else.
(Photo: This maniac on right left Canada to join ISIS and got fucking killed alongside them. Just by looking at his face you can tell that he was suffering from serious issues mentally at the time it was taken. Photo courtesy of CBC)

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Another F**ed up Hike: Little Elbow Trail

The past two, even three weeks have been really bad for outdoor people. There's a thunderstorm, hail storm or heavy rainfall every day. I was caught three times so far and got soaked to my underwear. With that in mind I checked the weather in Bragg Creek for this past Sat. and decided to do the hike of Mt. Glasgow in the area. Didn't work! 
I was feeling down from the beginning when I set the alarm for 05:00. I woke up earlier and changed it to 05:30! Then when it sounded at 05:30 I remained in bed for a few more minutes until I finally got out around 05:55! I wanted to get a coffee and went to a local 7-11 that The Lady likes their coffee because you could chose whatever you want. It was quite disappointing. I guess they only brew 2 out of perhaps 7 coffees they used to. Looks like not many people are going there to get their cup of Joe. The whole place looked inactive and not alive. I'm not a fan of fast food but when I see a place on the verge of survival, I feel really bad. It's like a person who is losing his or her job and that the worst feeling and I've been having that for almost 10 months now! 
I finally headed south on Crowchild Tr. and then turned to Highway # 8 and then Cowboy Trail and drove all the way to Little Elbow Campground at the end of Highway # 66. I had an old map with a description. So I started the hike at 07:25 on Little Elbow Trail hoping to get myself to Mt. Glasgow. What a mistake. I never went to far. The trail goes parallel to Little Elbow River and then fades! Or at least this is what I saw! Then I realized that the two maps I have each approach the mountain from a different side: One from north and the other one from east! It was cold in the beginning and then became hot after hour and a half when I was already making my mind to go back!
This is another failed attempt and quite honestly I'm sick of going all the way, burning fuel and getting now where. I decided to get a Handheld GPS and use that. The cheapest I found is around $125. I just need to decide whether I will wait until I get a job to buy a better model or just by a basic model and go out. That's the decision to make. 
(Picture: I took this from Little Elbow bridge. It has named after someone but I can't remember that. The campground is on the right and the trail on left. Mt. Glasgow is the third peak from left and apparently the ascend route is from this ridge seen in the photo)

Thursday, August 11, 2016

JACOS Shuts Down Everything

Japan Canada Oil Sands Ltd., one of the companies that I very much liked to join and even applied once, I believe, and never received a response(!), completely shut down its operations in northern Alberta! JACOS is considered one of the oldest foreign operators in the province. They have indicated that their efforts does not wroth the current price of crude. Today's price is $41.71 for a barrel and that's the price for a major brand. Oil Sands' price is much lower. They would continue operation once the price goes over $50 per barrel, they added. This does not seem to be happening soon. One of the former colleagues in the last job also worked for them once but then quit and joined Shell later.
JACOS has an office in Downtown Calgary like any other major energy firm. I'm not sure whether they have staff here now or not.
He no longer works for that company. I used to exchange e-mails with him and when he left the last e-mail unanswered, I stopped that. In one of the messages he indicated that Shell asked him to go to Houston frequently and he didn't like that! He lost his job long before me and I believe he's still out of work. This post is not about him. So I'm going to stop here but Japanese are always considered the most productive operators and this means their exit is an alarm for the industry which is in deep trouble now. Japanese leaving Oil Sands industry of Alberta is similar to rats leaving an old ship. It implies the ship's sinking! 
(Picture: This cartoon certainly is not a work of art but clearly shows the expression of " rats leaving a sinking ship ". I was told once that only two companies are still active in northern Alberta, one of them being CNRL)

Friday, August 05, 2016

A Trip (through a film) to Nebraska

I've got the chance to see more movies since I renewed my membership with CPL, perhaps because it's free now! However the problem with most of the movies they have is the sound quality is very low. Picture quality is tolerable though. 
One last movie that I just watched was Nebraska. A movie from 2013 that Bruce Dern was nominated for Oscar but didn't win. The movie was nominated for a few other trophies from the Academy but didn't win any. Not that winning an Oscar necessarily mean the movie is excellent. Remember that piece of stinking garbage, Argo? Anyways the movie is nice and basically is about caring about the parents. I'm happy that I will never have to be worried about someone caring about me since I've never had a child! The movie take you with it almost to the end and Dern's act is good. The only film that I had seen from him was The Driver and that was from his early years. 
Nevertheless I liked Foxcatcher better although it's, I admit, a disturbing movie to watch. I watched that at least 3 times and I will buy the DVD for sure but not Nebraska, although it's a comedy film with a good message. Enjoy!
(Photo: Dern in center with his son, in the movie, of course, and Keach on right. The only film I've seen from Keach so far is Escape frpm L. A. which he only has a minor role and that's probably from 20 years ago! Nebraska is made in black-and white)

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

City Budget

One of the things that amazed me the most when I first came to Calgary was this attitude toward keeping everything obvious nice and everything hidden, ugly! You might say this is done everywhere and by everyone but the things that I've seen here, particularly this one, was never seen even in the old country to this extent! It's right that the Third World countries keep the main cities clean and nice and when you go to towns, villages and even the suburbs, all you see is disappointment but here in Canada or more specifically Calgary, they do even worse in major cities!
Who would think that all the back allies in the city is gravel with big potholes in them?! The stupid animal who ordered and then spent millions of dollars on a hideous, stupid, pedestrian bridge over Bow River, I wonder how he never came to this idea that the city should be clean, tidy, organized and nice first and then if anything is left, would be spent on unnecessary things! 
A normal, sane human being would not wear a dirty, worn-out underwear and socks with holes beneath an expensive Armani suit unless he is fucking animal, disgusting, piece of shit like mayor of Calgary, I would assume. I don't know who was that disgusting human-like, pinhead, drunkard who thought first of having a new pedestrian bridge over Bow River. Was that the previous mayor? It should be him because he was the mayor when I came in until this tiny, the current mayor took over! These disgusting human-like creatures, I don't know how they live with themselves! Instead of spending and investing on infrastructure such as public transport, fucking, disgusting, full of pothole back alleys which turns to swamp when it rains and so many other things that the city needs, the fucking dumb asses paid a fucking Spanish to design a fucking unnecessary bridge. These people who wasted tax-payer's money should be prosecuted, charged and send to penitentiary for a long time.  
Now these morons realized how disgusting the city streets look, with the back-swamps and have some money left from this past disgusting winter, they've decided to do a maintenance! This, I'm saying with lots of confidence, that is the first time in many years! I wonder what they would have done, had we not have a mild winter last year! And there're two problems here:

1) They have no shame!
2) The people of the city are two busy with their fucking lives that no one has the time to bring this
issue up, I guess.

I think that's enough. I'm so disgusted by these city people that I'd rather stop here. 
(Photo: This sign has recently seen in parts of the city addressing maintenance of Third World-like allies. Today is 28th and I haven't seen any repairing yet!)

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Cirque Peak, Not a Bad Hike

I and The Hope had this discussion as what hike we should do this weekend and although he's a little bit, maybe more than a bit(!), crazy, I wanted to go with him. This time he said he was about to rent out his house, sell his car and go back to the old country(!) and for that reason he could not bring his car! Fair enough. I drive mine this time, I said. After all he has driven his BMW X1 every time we went for a hike and I think he felt a little abused, maybe! Then we got into my vehicle and hit Highway # 1 to get ourselves to Icefield Parkway and do Cirque Peak hike and he goes: I forgot my wallet! I knew right away that it was a plan. He probably thought he had spent too much every time we went out and now wanted me to compensate! 
Anyways we left his place in NW part of the city at about 07:35 and by the time I pulled into the parking lot for the hike, it was almost 10:00. We geared up quickly and the place was almost full. Icefield Parkway is a beautiful road and attracts lots of tourists, especially if it's a long weekend. We crossed the road and there was a large group which we later found out was ... . A group which mainly consist of Oriental, old fart Caucasians and refugees from Africa. They, as the fucking name suggests, are slow and create a mess in the area they arrive by making noise, load laughing by ridiculous accents which you barely understand them, littering and other stupid stuff which is expected from this type of people. However I'm not too concerned about them. We put them behind and started our hike at almost 10:10. The trail has a fairly easy start and then becomes a little steep. That's were you finally reach meadows and you can see Dolomite Peaks, an amazing mountain seen on your right when you're going to west on the trail. The trails was not very busy but there were a few people ahead of us and surprisingly a small group of Chinese! The Hope was a little behind and I waited for him when I reached this pothole called Helen Lake! Majority of the people end their hike at this place and sit for a lunch. The Hope, looking at his GPS system on his telephone told me that it was not the lake but I told him I had seen holes smaller than that in Canada being called lake! 
We then continued and got ourselves to the ridge.
This was taken form the true summit of Cirque Peak, looking almost at north. All that could be seen was a sea of mountains. It stretches to Highway # 11 or David Thomson Highway which we enjoyed being there a few weeks before this trip. 
When you get to the ridge you realize that this is probably the only hard part of the hike. The ridge is pretty steep but easy to walk on until the last, perhaps, 100 meters to the summit. I looked back and realized The Hope was way behind but I didn't want to stop, not even for photography. It would be much better opportunities on the top, I told myself. I finally reached the first summit and checked my watch: 03:02 hours. Not bad, I assume. The true summit which is only a few feet higher than the false summit is only a few minutes away. I then went there and took a few photos. Then I returned to the false summit and waited for The Hope. He arrived 15 minutes after my arrival. We didn't spent too much time there and headed down after only a few photos. He didn't even go to the true summit which is not a big deal but I always want to reach the very top, if I spend 3 hours on a trail. We headed down and he was behind again and after only 10 minutes the storm started. It was first light rain and then turned to thunder, heavy rain and finally hail! I waited for The Hope at the main stream and when he reached me, we continued together. Sun came out but it didn't last long and hail and rain started again! This time we were socked! Water reached my underwear and I couldn't do anything. This happened once again and by the time we reached the car, dogs and cats were coming down! We didn't even got the chance to change and slid in the car! 
I stopped at a cafe in Lake Louise based on his request, for a cup of tea. I wondered why he insisted so much by saying: Let's go to Tim Horton's in Lake Louise! I knew there was no Tim Horton's there but quickly grasped that he wanted me to pay for a tea, so he can drink it with a sandwich he had made the night before. We got to this place called Laggan's Mountain Bakery, located at the main plaza when you turn to Lake Louise main road. It was not packed but not bad for a long weekend. They have pastry, cookies, coffee, tea, sandwiches and stuff like that. I got two large cups of tea for $5 something and he had it with sandwich. I got myself nothing but the tea but the tea, a green one, was good. We were not comfortable because our cloths were wet and the doors of the place at both ends were wide open and breath were blowing to us. In addition to that sitting in a cafe with all mouth-watering but not-so-healthy food, after a 6.5 hour hike is not very appealing! 
If I,m asked to rate Cirque Peak hike, I would say it's a nice hike, worth trying. It's a bit far away from Calgary and for me it would have been a waste of time, had I stopped at the pothole, called Helen Lake and not hiked to the summit. The view are amazing, probably one of the best I have ever seen in Alberta. In addition to that I found Dolomite Peaks trail-head and I'm hoping one day I can do that as well.
(Photo: Cirque Peak seen before getting to the ridge. I guess it's probably 1 hour and a few minutes from here)

Monday, July 25, 2016

Foxcatcher, Difficult to Watch

It was mid-2014 when I first noticed that Foxcatcher would be released soon and wanted to see it immediately. I didn't know anything about what had happened to David Schultz, a member of USA Wrestling team unless being murdered back in early 1996. I resided in the old country at the time and was a wrestling enthusiast. Competing in 74 Kg class in the university, I once was among the 1st two people but never got the chance to compete nationally. Even if I had, I would not have gotten anywhere because the stupid system allowed national and Olympic champions to enter a university without passing entrance exam or checking their high school grades and we had to compete against them! Imagine you're an engineering student who has to work hard to pass the damn examination and you get a chance to work-out 3 times, sometimes only 2 times a week and then at the national university student championship you would have to compete against a recent Olympic medalist!!! Stupid as fuck like many other things in the old country!
Anyways I remember David Schultz competed against famous Iranian wrestlers at time but I don't remember much about the results because it was almost 20 years ago. I really enjoyed wrestling in those days but that affected my studies and my graduation very much. I was so excited when I first joined the practices that I thought I could be going all the way to become a member of the national team! I was young, ambitious and naive those years and despite the fact that I was good, I didn't know that no one would be a national team member in a country where there are thousands of wrestlers, by only practicing 3 times a week for an hour and a half!
I have good memories from those years but there's no position for them here. I'll go back to Foxcatcher.
I have to say first that it's a sad story. I felt bad for all of the 3 main characters of the movie and what they had to go through in their lives. Mark is David's younger brother. Their parent's separated when Mark was only 2 and he was raised by his brother, mainly. They moved around a lot, as he indicates in the movie for obvious reasons and after 1984 Los Angles Summer Olympics, Mark receives a telephone call one day from a representative of John E. Du Pont, inviting him to meet with the heir of wealthy Du Pont family, in his property, Foxcatcher Farms in Pennsylvania. Mark goes there and upon his arrival receives an offer from Du Pont to move to the little dwelling on the property and train for the upcoming World Wrestling Championship. Mark, who was struggling at the time, accepts the offer and moves to the farm. It is there that John Du Pont develops a relationship with him, according to the movie, although it is said that the two men's relationship had never been as deep as what's shown in the film. For that to be found out, I would have to read Mark Schultz book or talk to him directly! I had a rough idea of John Du Pont before watching the movie but when I finally had the chance to see the film, I realized how brilliant Steve Carrel's act was! He depicted the poor man very truly and genuinely.
Foxcatcher cast from left Tatum as Mark Schultz, the director, actress who played John Du Pont's mother, Steve Carrel as Jon Du Pont and finally Ruffallo as David Schultz. They are seen in Toronto International Film Festival and with all due respect how disgusting it is to appear in a international; film festival and in front of cameras in flip flops?!
Apparently John Du Pont was a lonely man for all of his life. When a child, he said that in the movie, that his mother paid their driver's son to be his only friend and then I read in his short biography that he barely had any relationship in his life but for a short time which ended only after 6 months. So did loneliness drove him to mental instability or did he become lonely because he was mentally unstable?! Regardless of the fact that what caused John Du Pont's insanity, you feel really bad for the guy. In the movie it's shown that he funds a wrestling championship for seniors and in there he wins a match only when his opponent who has been paid by his aid, give up and loses intentionally. This shows how much the man was looking for attention, to become the best, to become the first. He then calls himself a coach and gathers a bunch of guys around Mark and they together make Team Foxcatcher. This is despite his mother's dislike. His mother, who lives with him in the mansion, expresses her deep concern about John and tells him that she does not like wrestling because it is a low sport and she does not like to see John being low! It is of course a low sport for a millionaire family who has probably more than 30 horses which each worth thousands of dollars but I have to find out what average American think of this sport. In Iran which is one of leaders in sport of wrestling, it is definitely considered a low sport. This sport is mostly popular within poor families because it does not require special gear. In addition to that it's not a very technical sport and there's no progress in it. Consider Skiing, Archery, Swimming and even Running. There has been so much improvement in technique, gear, attire, you name it. Wrestling has the same techniques that people used in 1950's! They have been trying to make it more exciting to attract more people and more audience by, for example changing the length of each round or change the number of rounds per match, but they haven't been very successful. That's why they wanted to remove wrestling from summer Olympics but seems they haven't succeeded yet because I saw that it is still in the list of sports of Rio 2016.
John Du Pont in Foxcatcher exercise suit
It then appears that John had been after David Schultz and in fact used Mark to get his brother to the farm. A series of silly things happens then in the movie that I later read that in actual life they had not happened to Mark, such as the scenes that he does Cocaine with John and the times that John tries to separate him from his brother by saying things such as " It is the time to come out of David's shadow! " And in the movie Mark seems convinced!
John later uses an excuse to humiliate Mark in front of the other wrestlers and bring David in. David comes in and starts coaching the wrestlers. At the same time he realizes that this guy is crazy as he tries to impose himself to them as their coach and mentor! A few disturbing scenes are shown which indicates John does not like, at times, the things David does. In the meantime Mark realizes that there is no place for him on the farm. He consults David and David in turn requests a meeting between him and his brother at one side and John and his manager at the other side. David indicates in the meeting that if John wants him there, he also have to pay for Mark who would be leaving the premises soon. John agrees and Mark leaves the next day.
John now feels lonely. Mark's gone. His Mom has passed away and David and the rest of Foxcatcher wrestlers in general do not seem to be any type of healing. When I was reading about the whole story somewhere else, I also found out that a few foreign wrestlers were also being supported by John Du Pont, including at least a Turkish wrestler and a very famous Bulgarian Valentin Yordanov who, himself could be the subject of another post, but they're not mentioned in the movie although the second individual inherited a huge part of John Du Pont wealth after he died! In the movie it seems that Mark's exit has a big toll on John. It's shown that he's setting all by himself, watching a movie that had been made about him. Mark's shown talking about him and calling him his replacement for his Dad and then Mark's shown giving him a hug right after winning a match and stuff like that. The movie ends and he asks one of his guys to warm his vehicle up. Apparently he's upset that Mark's gone. He, alongside with the same guy, drives up to David's residence on the property. David's fixing something in his car and when he sees John's car, stops the work and walks up to the car. John rolls down the window and after asking " whether he has a problem with him " shoots him in the chest. He then shoots him two more times and leaves.
He later is arrested by the same police officers that he supported for years. Apparently there are differences between the movie and the book. The book is written by Mark. I liked the movie although its disturbing and I will buy it. I borrowed the book and started reading it. I will have another post about the book and the comparison. I also intend to contact Mark to see if I can ask him a few question and even meet with him. I will then have another post for that.
(Photo, top: David, on left and Mark Schultz compare their medals. This photo is probably from 1984 Los Angles but I'm not sure)